June 19, 2007

Early Risers

That dilemma's been solved. We're both early risers--me a little more so than he--but I don't have to worry about disturbing him when my feet hit the floor. And the rooms are separated so you can't hear the other person. It's been dubbed the "west wing."

Coffee's perked. The routine's being set. Coffee outside; then breakfast. Work is the third order of business. And, I've got work. So much, it is difficult to decide where to start. Seeing it through another's eyes, the scope becomes overwhelming.

No return call from the plumber I've been referred to. Call again. Here comes Mr. Jack. He hasn't heard from the man either. Talks to my brother about the problem. I find out in coming days that having my brother around is the ticket. Everyone explains in detail what is happening and the consequences of taking different approaches to the problems. It's a man thing. Not upset. He understands it better than I do anyway. Not that I don't understand the generalities, mind you, but when you start talking 1/4 in. pipe as opposed to 1/2 inch, yada yada, my eyes start to glaze. Just git 'er done.

Still a beehive of activity. Cable man appears. Where do I want the drops? Not in the living room; don't like tv's in the living room. If you come to visit, you come to visit. Watch tv at your house. If the football game is on, we are not chatting unless it's about the game. And, don't call me when the game is on, please. Wait until half-time. Brother installs cable in PA; this is his bailiwick. More man talk; no problem. Cable man has a job ahead of him since no cable has ever been here. Has to string line through the huge magnolia. Brother doesn't envy him but keeps an eye out make sure it's neat and done correctly. They bond. The two convince me to switch from AT&T to the cable package of cable tv, internet access, and phone service. Swear it is cheaper. We need cheap.

Mr. Bob, the handyman appears. Recognizes immediately that the lock we had to special order for the front door has been installed. Why special order? No key and the lock is not readily available. Brother found a source on the internet and Mr. Bob identified the cylinder needed. Introductions made. They bond. Mr. Bob makes bird calls and shows some of his handwork. I'm impressed. Did you know that they have deer calls? I didn't know deer made noises. Strange sounding things. Got a lot to learn. Chat, chat, before he moves on. Think he knows he's going to miss out on some of the jobs he had been assessing.

Baby brother is a worker. Goes non-stop. Where does he get the energy? I'm a piddler. I start something and get distracted by something else that needs to be done. But the job eventually gets done.

TV at last. My computer. I'm loving it. Brother, James, has brought a surprise for friend, James. A router. Now he can use his laptop without having to wait for me to get off of mine. He'll be pleased. Thoughtful. Thank you, James.

Dinner. Rocking on the front porch--observations, plans, reminisces--peaceful. Lights out.

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Bandido said...

Told ya the tripple play deal was the ticket. Oh an be carefull of those calls When Animals Attack is real dont want you making mating calls to any deer or bear (ha).