June 19, 2007

LL Cool J

Am I excited? It's Sunday morning and my brother will be arriving this afternoon. Not much headway on the bathroom. I spend time doing "piddling" things. And, calling to find out where he is. Yep. Gloria is alive and well.

Piddle. Go to the front. Piddle. Go to the front. Could've finished the bathroom in this time. Not. Bathroom is huge and growing every time I look at it. Piddle. Lunch time. Friend has called to find out if he's arrived. Not. Sitting on the front porch. Little convertible cruises by with this familiar face. HEY! I'm looking for the jeep; he shows up in the sports car.

So why are you calling this post LL Cool J? 'Cause in his youth, the boy was a keeper and the ladies loved cool James. Probably still do. And, he's still a keeper. Cleans up pretty well.

Am I ever glad to see him. Somebody to talk to. And, can I talk? You betcha. Give a tour. I'm mighty proud of this dirty house. Off to dinner. My first meal out in the grand city of Ripley. The Huddle House. A diner but one of the few places in which you can sit down and eat. Most of the eateries are fast food. Eat at home!

Back to the house. Tackle the bathroom together. FOUR hours it took to scrub walls. Brother taking a mop to the walls, me with a toothbrush. Ceilings 12 feet, room 12x8. Knotty pine walls painted white (at one time), dark green and white ceramic floor and shower tile to the ceiling, green and white shutters. Avocado green tub and sink. Plans to replace sink and tub on serious hold--these work. Found that this model of sink, with chrome vanity legs, is still being sold. Price tag: 7 to 9 hundred dollars. Get out! I think I can live with this one.

It's 2 a.m. Both of us are dragging. Lights out.

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