July 12, 2007

And They Say DC Is Bad

Not by a long shot. I wonder if anyone has done a survey on the most corrupt states or cities in the U.S.? Tennessee and Memphis have to rank high on the list. It is worth a google search. Hold on a minute and let me do a little research. Well, a quick scan has Illinois, New Jersey, Mississippi, and North Dakota listed but no Tennessee. I'll have to do this in-depth at a later time. But back to my point.

Before and since my arrival, members of the Ford family have been in trouble with the law. Caught up in every sting imaginable. Even tainted Harold Ford's run for the U.S. Senate. Remember "Harold, call me?" State Sen. Ophelia Ford, continue to pray for her, is now under investigation which centers on how she came to be enrolled in the TennCare Health Insurance program and whether she was eligible. City councilman, Edmund Ford, another embattled family member was hit with more indictments yesterday stemming from his failure to pay the water, gas, and light company for over a year. Preferential treatment is what he received and as a result of that, top officials of the company were forced to resign. They, too, received indictments yesterday. Ford's landlord, who auctioned off the Ford Funeral Home, also got indicted for perjury. He had worked a sweet deal, endorsed by Ford when he was council chair, for land use or some such.

Today, another state legislator embroiled in Operation Tennessee Waltz will change his plea. He's 78. One thing for sure, they don't care whether you're Black or white. Everybody is getting caught. Memphis has so many stings going for public corruption until you can't remember all of their names.

And, while Ripley isn't mentioned, I understand that for a few dollars more, people will turn heads here, too. Hmmm. Shortly before moving here, the police killed a man (Black) at a traffic stop. The family is suing the city for $20 million. One of the policeman was the grandson of my good friend, Mr. Criner. Hmmm.

If you want to get a glimpse of the number of state legislators involved in Tennessee Waltz, go here:

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