July 14, 2007

Seven Weeks Later

What a roller-coaster ride! Seven weeks from settlement has seen a lot of changes at Serendipity. But before I go too far, let me share with you a photo I received in the mail of the house before they had to tear off the top part. And, yes, I did have to replace the decking she'd noted as being rotted. But what I wouldn't give to have seen the house in its heyday. I hope Mrs. Woodard can locate more.

But back to the present. The roof is on and as I type, the fascia is being replaced. Guttering is the next expenditure. Plumbing is fixed--say many prayers. Gas stove is in--I can hold on the heaters for a while. Tile floors laid in the area off of the foyer, kitchen, and front bath. And the living room? Finished and awaiting furniture placement. It is probably the most significant change to the house to-date. Light and airy. Contrast the present with the past.

I am tickled pink, kind of. I had wanted to try the border around the ceiling like I saw in a house in the DC area. I'm not sure that it wouldn't hold as they said or they were hot and tired and didn't want to be bothered. I wanted badly to save the lace curtains but dry rot makes it a wasted effort. Maybe I can cut off the bottoms and use the tops? None of my curtains work, they are too short, nor the swags I have. The lower shutters will provide privacy until I can get something in place.

Work started on the dining room, yesterday. More surprises in store. We knew that there would be some damage to the plaster (plastic, as the contractor refers to it) but in some areas, the very brick is exposed. No wood lathing here.

And, what is this? A primitive safe? You've probably read that in early houses, a space was left between the bricks for valuables. Mine is empty, of course, but I broke out the camera to catch it for posterity. How exciting.

One window has a curve at the top, the other was cut in half to accommodate a huge air conditioner which, as it turns out, had a short. Very thankful that I retained one of the new air conditioners. Of course, in replacing the old one, the window has to be rebuilt. Leave it to Wonder Mike to know exactly what is called for. Did I say that it should be his company? It took them longer than anticipated but they work by the day--not the job. They finally call it a day. I have chewed the Deacon a new one but he promises to return on Monday. We'll see.

Finally got a bite on one of my resumes. Don't think I'll get it because of the distance to Memphis and my many titles. We'll pray on that one, as well. I need a job.

Oh, and I've "broken" the brand new lawn mower. Won't start for anybody. I think I got one of those nails or some such caught up in it. Fortunately, there is a repair place on the other side of the square. The back is half done. But the bushes are starting to bloom.


Bandido said...

Well Blackman I have to give it to you all these years of not throwing things out has really paid off.

DCnTN said...

Waste not, want not. I've got a gallon of paint left for the dining room and an assortment of tile, green, blue, beige. Sound familiar?