August 20, 2007

Excel?? Please.

I hate Excel. Always have. Always will. It relates to math, doesn't it? Aargh. You can believe that if there is going to be a stumbling block in any tests that I take, it will either be Excel or math. Call it a mental block, if you will. I'll call it something else less polite.

Seriously. I applied for a position through a temp agency (excuse me, office solutions agency) and was scheduled for an interview today. Didn't feel well because I went toooo long without turning on the air yesterday. Won't make that mistake again. Finally get the act together and sally forth, Maggie in tow. We started arguing before I traveled the 1.3 miles to the gas station. And we really argued as she led me on a wild-goose chase to Rt. 64. Maggie, really. This is not the time for sight-seeing. Shortest travel distance means just that. It does not mean a meandering, circuitous route through the great state of Tennessee. Finally hit Rt. 40. I chose to ignore her directions to the office after that point. Something I should have done initially. You see, I knew how to get to the office (check me out) but thought Maggie had a better route. NOT. I make a solemn vow that anywhere I have to go to along the Germantown Parkway corridor, from here on out, I will travel the route I know. Maggie can go for the ride, just in case.

Have to wait for my interview. Miss Edwina must be a super recruiter. Between people and phone calls, she is busy, busy. My turn, finally. Fill out the application. I did this on-line already but, okay. Now to the tests: Word, data entry, general office skills, typing, assessment, and (ugh) Excel. Smoked Word and the other tests (don't know about the assessment) but EXCEL??? Please. Don't get me wrong. I passed the beginner with no problem. I do know the program just don't use it often enough to be proficient in the more advanced procedures. And, of course, those are what tripped me up. Now, they really would like for me to come in and take their tutorial (about an hour) and test again. Miss Edwina, darlin', I don't mean no harm but I ain't hardly driving an hour plus to take a tutorial in EXCEL. Not when EXCEL has its' own instructions, I have books on that awful program, and tutorials abound on the net. Now if you want me to take a tutorial in desktop publishing programs, yada yada, I'm your girl. But, I was polite and told her I would brush up at home and come back to retest next week. Maybe something else will break by then. Furthermore, I passed the silly test. They just want me to raise my score. Am I being recommended to an accountant or statistician or somebody? Please.

Back down Rte. 40--Nashville. Maggie is off duty. I know where I'm going. Arrive home to a relatively cool house. Left the air on intentionally. My little episode was a lesson.

Just when I thought my visitor had decided to leave me alone (I hadn't heard anything), damned if there weren't signs he'd been by. Must have been too much trouble to get the cover totally unscrewed. I'll ask the electrician to secure it with longer screws. I'm also asking that he change the motion detector to the mode where it stays on all night rather than come on when it detects motion. Maybe they'll get the message.

Am OD'ing on pre-season football. Don't think I've seen one entire game but that is not unusual for pre-season. Found out I can hear the beloved Redskins on Triple X ESPN radio. I am happy, happy, happy. Would be happier if a) I could see the games on tv (what a hell of a time NOT to have Directv) or b) I could boost the sound on the computer speakers. Now, you and I both know that I wear the computer out but sitting here intentionally for 2+ hours listening to the game is not comfortable. Brother sent instructions on how to boost the sound but I don't think it will work. We'll see.

Nobody's said anything about Michael Vick, the different catastrophes around the country (bridge collapses, cave-ins, flooding). You know I'm just raring to spout my opinion. Email me.

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