August 21, 2007

They Did What?

Stole a gun from Elvis After Dark, a portion of Graceland featuring exhibits of clothing, personal items, photography and more, during Elvis Week. Can you beat that? They found it. Ditched behind the Johnnies. Video shows a man casually walking up, opening the case, and walking away. Tighten up the security, crew.

Mayor Wharton's son is now a registered sex offender. (Wharton rules Memphis and is running for re-election. Treating the campaign as though it is a done deal.) This 35-year-old dummy, pervert, whatever, met a 13-year-old teenager online, drove to Knoxville, and had sex with her, at her house, within a few hours of making contact. He's been in jail for the last 4 months. Will have to register and gets no jail time. Two years probation. His defense: mental issues; ADHD; and addiction to Ambien. Yeah, right. And they're talking about the possibility of expunging his record. Do WHAT?

Tennessee has something down here, called diversion, that expunges your record if you don't get into any more trouble. In some places, you can get a form from the courthouse. I found one on line. A real simple procedure. All y'all felons move on down here. Michael, you hear me calling you, boy! Marion, this is your home state. Come HOME!

Nikki Giovanni is taking a position at Fisk, teaching one day a week. She'll also retain her position at VA Tech. Didn't know she was a graduate of Fisk. Or that she was born in Knoxville. Goodness, I hadn't heard of or thought of Fisk in years. They're in financial trouble. Help 'em out, somebody.

And just who was it that tried to drill through her finger? My goodness, it hurts like hell. Good thing I didn't have to take a typing test today. And was that Ms. G who stepped on a rusty nail? Went clear through the sneakers. Thank God, it was the thick ones and not the little cheapo slip-ons; I'd still be in the emergency room. Determined to secure that opening. Think the electrician's observation may be valid. It is very cool underneath the house and for someone homeless, with temperatures at 80 degrees or more at night, it does provide a measure of relief. I was tempted to climb under myself while I was driving more screws. All that said--please find another home.

And just to add a little levity to your life. I have an interview scheduled for Friday a.m. Yippee. Told to bring my social security card, driver's license, and high school diploma. When I told them that I had no idea where my diploma was, the young lady became very concerned. I asked if my college transcript would suffice. "They'll need to see your diploma." You see, it is mandatory that you be able to prove that you graduated from high school. Last I heard, you have to graduate from one before you can graduate from the other. Do I really want to work there?

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