August 23, 2007

Jail Time

Well, well. Ripley is not quite the quiet, little country town I've made it out to be. Gambling. Drugs. Get out! Instead of "The City of Hospitality," perhaps we'll change its name to "Sin City." Oops, that's already taken. Drug bust netting a boatload of guns. Not your pea shooters but bona fide, certified, big### guns. Drug paraphernalia, meth and POT! Hmm, so meth and drug usage are not confined to the "big" cities. And gambling machines taken from an Exxon Travel Center on the highway, in Halls. That's supposed to be the bailiwick of the Eastern Shore. Now, why didn't I know about the machines? You're stuck in the house, Missy. That's right, playing the role of recluse. Anyway, with my luck, I would have been at the machine when the place was raided. No money to get out of jail. What a hoot!

And, no, they haven't learned. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI, for the uninformed) is investigating allegations that trustees at the jail are still being used for private work outside of the jail. Also being investigated are allegations that bribes are being accepted to house people in the Lauderdale jail over other available jail facilities. First of all, I didn't know they had more than one jail. Not trying to learn their locations, either. Must be a cushy place.

Speaking of jails, I have an appointment for an interview at the West Tennessee Prison, yeah, my knees are knocking. I was told to bring my social security card, driver's license, and high school diploma. I noted that I had no idea where my diploma was (it has been 40 years, you know) and would my college transcript suffice? "You have to bring your diploma so that the marshalls can verify that you completed high school." DUH. Don't you have to finish high school before you can go to college? When are you going to learn not to throw curve balls? My bad. Called the DC School Board to learn how to get a replacement. Well, looky here, I can get a transcript from the school I attended. Records are kept on site for 80 years. Good grief. Can you imagine the paper mites?

No one was available to help me. They're attending a conference. As luck would have it, I was flipping through some books and what did I find? My high school diploma. Discolored, gritty, but authentic, raised seal and all. Thank you, Jesus. For once, something has gone right. Now, don't ask where the college diploma is because the certificate holder is empty. Why is that?

Starting to see daylight with the boxes. Still haven't found some things, my turn table for one. With a box of nothing but albums, you and I both know that I would not have disposed of it. I am not happy with that moving company.

Now, I can't go without speaking to the Michael Vick issue. Take exception, if you will. Stupid, stupid, stupid. How could you? Cruel, yada yada. With all that said--why Mike Vick? Why jail? Why the calls for his ouster from the NFL? Dogfighting is a felony. Got that. My question: "Is he the only one running this type of operation?" The answer, without question, is NO. So where are the other felons? Why aren't they being rounded up, subjected to the circus? And you can believe that there are bigger operations than his with more money involved. Fall guy, pure and simple. Stupid fall guy but being used. Get off it, Nancy Grace, et al, the sanctimonious rantings are over the top. Lohan--drug charges dropped? No jail time? Cushy rehab for the umpteenth time? Give me a break.

Packers are playing. See ya'.

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