August 10, 2007

A Full Social Calendar

It is hard enough to get used to the time change, cable channels, yada yada, but now they want me to attend a gun auction at the high school? Not me personally, I should be so honored, but anyone who wants to eat dinner and buy firearms. Now, if I had the cash, that might not be out of the realm of possibilities. However.... It is a fund raiser sponsored by who else--the local chapter of the NRA.

And if that is not enough, I'm also invited to the celebrity softball game between the town's police, fire, and mayor's office. And a fish fry and the opportunity to meet the high school varsity team. Wait, one more! Wrestling is big in this area. They even have a wrestling arena in town. There will be a live wrestling match later this month featuring one of Mid-South's legends, Jerry Lawler, and wannabes from the area wrestling community. For the uninformed, Jerry Lawler was recently taken to court by an opponent who charged Lawler with a whole host of things. What a hoot! He's supposed to be a professional. Snark, snark. Fortunately, the court said the same thing and the sore loser lost that case. He also, coincidentally, got his butt kicked in the ring which led up to the filing of charges.

Board of Education met again. Yep, saw it on my teevee. Mrs. Drain, of the sweet smile and pleasant voice, decided it best to ignore some of her detractors. Yes, the topic of dissent is still the uniform dress code. One woman is determined to make her point and is not buying uniforms, claiming hardship. Says that her child will be expelled for not wearing the uniform; has the school board made provisions to provide those in need? Not. And contrary to her statement, the TN Attorney General has stated that school boards are not obligated to do so. All is not lost though. She only needs to get in touch with someone on the school board, particularly the Superintendent, and ask for help. She may or may not get it but the option is there. Sign me up, buttercup!

Now everybody knows I love football; pro football that is. It is bad enough that I cannot see my beloved Redskins but darn, I'm missing the few pro games that I can see. Why, you ask? This difference in time is still confounding me. I was flipping through the channels the other night and stumbled upon the Colts and Dallas--it was the 4th quarter! I still don't know what channel it was. And the same thing tonight! At least it was half-time. The Bills and the Saints. Couldn't get interested. And what is with the NFL carrying good games on the NFL Network? It is NOT carried by my cable provider. But bless the NFL. On their web site they have a form letter that you can send to your provider registering your distress. I was on it. Wonder how many you can send?

Actually, what floats the boat down here are the TN Volunteers and the Memphis Tigers. Forget about pro ball. Neon ORANGE and white. They might not call it neon but Lord is it ever bright. And EVERYWHERE. T-Shirts, mailboxes, caps, you name it. Wonder how Nashville flaunts the Titans? Or do they? And don't forget high school football--really big. Can't get excited.

Oh, did I tell you that Buford Pusser was from these parts? You remember Walking Tall? Not from Ripley but Finger, TN, which is on the other side of Jackson. And, it is Fanger, not Finger.

The social butterfly is signing off.

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