August 11, 2007

The King Remembered

That's right. None other than the "King," himself. The one, the only, Elvis Presley. I don't have to tell you that Memphis is in a frenzy. It is ELVIS Week 2007. Concerts, tours of Tupelo and Graceland, candlelight vigils, fund raisers (including the Rock-A-Hula Girls Alzheimer's Benefit Dinner), induction into the Peabody Duck Walk of Fame, and on and on. Yep. This joint is jumping.

Now there is absolutely no reason for you to sniff at the thought of the "King." 'Cause I know that you old-timers remember his debut on Ed Sullivan's show where he was shown from the waist up for one number. I do; I was at my grandmother's. And, I know you cried when he went into the service. Go ahead, admit it. He was sharp in that uniform. Actually, he could have been ugly as dirt but there is something about a uniform. And you KNOW you cried when he announced that he was marrying that upstart Priscilla. And how upset you got when they announced their divorce. How dare she! And you know you knew every word to every one of his songs when he was in his heyday. That's right. Be truthful.

And stats bear out that he was a mega star, whether you want to acknowledge his success or not. 81 albums, gold or platinum; 53 singles, gold or platinum.

I won't be among the faithful this week. But a visit to Graceland is in order in the future. A trip down memory lane. I'm all shook up!

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