August 01, 2007

Messing With My Mind

It is bad enough that I keep running into these major expenditures that have depleted the funds (care packages are being gratefully accepted) but I'm encountering strange happenings, as well. What are you talking about, Missy? Little things that are disconcerting and make you wonder are you really safe as you thought you were? And, things that never, never happen when other people are in the house overnight.

Shortly after my brother left, there was tapping at the back window late at night. Now, I was in a deep sleep and when I surfaced, I wasn't sure that I heard what I thought I heard. Don't get excited, girlfriend, it was probably the television. Okaay. Later during the week, there's a thud that shook the house. Woke me up. Hmmm...someone is under the house. Or, is that your imagination? Don't get excited, missy. When the feet hit the floor, all movement stopped. Must have been dreaming. Next day on my inspection of the property, I discovered the cover to one of the scuttle holes, under the bathroom, is off and placed under a bush. Not my imagination. Okaay. Take a large piece of plywood and screw it into place. Problem solved.

Hmmm. Cover to scuttle hole on the other side of the house comes off periodically and is laying to the side. Put it back. Talk to my neighbor; she's lived here 39 years and no problems. She knows that a large dog comes into the yard late at night--someone around here lets it out--and maybe it is the culprit. Now, there's no point in pointing out that the dog is NOT going to remove the cover and lay it to the side. But then again, dogs are intelligent creatures.

Keeps happening. Mikey is over and the cover is off. "Mikey, did you go under the house?" No, I was going to ask you why the cover was off. Hmmm. Put it back and put a piece against it (like in the mystery stories where a hair is put across the door to let you know when someone has gone into your room). Stayed put all week, all the time SF was in. Did notice that a wire running around the base of the house over the plywood-covered hole was pulled down. SF says it was probably down all along and I didn't notice it. Oh, yeah. That I would have noticed.

SF leaves. Next night, a metal scraping sound. Maybe my neighbor is moving her furniture under the carport. Nope. Maybe the electrician is dropping off his materials for tomorrow morning. Nope. Oh, well. No movement, must have been my imagination.

Walking with electrician the next morning--plywood pulled off the covering. That accounts for the scraping sound. To the other side of the house--cover off and laid aside. Electrician looks around and says "you're being sabotaged or someone has something hidden under the house." Just what I need to hear.

Between his additional bad news and the fear from the discovery of both covers being taken off (a dog did not pull the plywood off), I am frantic. I am suppressing a primal scream. I am very serious. My nerves were so badly shaken until I had ground my partial plate into smithereens and all I wanted to do was scream and continue screaming. Why are they doing this to the kid? All I wanted with this move was some piece of mind and a less stressful life. Can't wait for the electrician and crew to leave so that I can go to the police station. No longer a figment of my imagination.

Stopped at the realtors' office for a chat with my good friends. Have "presents" for Maurine and Judy. In opening boxes over the weekend, I found a stash of items that had been put aside for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Tote bags will do wonderfully for all the help they've given. Maurine is not there at the moment. Want to talk to her about the possibility of putting the house up for sale. Can I possibly get back all of my money? Will there be another idiot that is willing to take on this property, as is? After all, I've made major improvements though the gas and heating units still have to be done. But...just maybe? They are distressed to hear of the problem and agree that a police report needs to be made. Perhaps they are after the copper? Well, goldarnit, they see the light on so they know someone is living there. Are they going to take my copper tubing with me in the house?

My brother has told me to go to Radio Shack and get one of the wireless alarm systems. I'm off. What? Radio Shack has moved out of town? Dyersburg, Jackson, or Memphis? Give me a break! WalMart's system is for indoor use only. Not even thinking Cole's. I'm not giving up my firstborn son for what they will charge, even if they have something in stock.

Off to the station. Mrs. Burnette is very nice but no paper and pen come out. She will tell them to make sure that they ride past on the 2nd and 3rd shifts, perhaps shine the flash light or something. Thank you very much. What can I do? "Whatever is necessary to protect yourself." Is that a license to kill? Am I being told to get a gun? For someone who is deathly afraid of them, I do think that is an investment to be made and a fear to be overcome. Oh, I also need to put up a "no trespassing" sign so that they will have the authority to arrest anyone they find. I need a sign for that? She does tell me that Ripley has a number of homeless people who seem to migrate here and stay. One in particular is tall and thin, rides a bike. They will be sure to keep an eye on the place. They will also make out a report if I want to file a claim with the insurance co. NO! I just want you to know that there are strange happenings going on over here. Now, you can read into that: I am frightened. Maybe I should have taken Shannon up on that offer to buy one of his puppies. Might have to look at the animal shelters.

Back to the house. The electrician has taken his super-duper drill and secured the plywood. Rip that off! And I found an angle iron in the tool box to secure the other opening. Won't keep you from getting in, right away, but will slow you down. Talk to SF--disarms a lot of the fear. We'll see.

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