August 01, 2007

Break, Broke, Broken, Breaking

Some things bend before they break--willow trees, soft taffy--you get the idea. Add to that list, Ms. G in Tennessee. I'm not cutting and running this early. Don't know what is going on or what will happen in the future; however, the kid intends to be here a while. Too much money invested; no hopes of recouping it so soon. It's a nice house, a nice town. Besides, where would I go?

Electrician is trying to figure out how to install motion lights--this house is a bugger bear. He discovered an additional chimney that had been covered over. I am taking his advice not to use the fireplaces very, very seriously. SF is convinced that the addition of these lights will be a major deterrent. Will also install the alarm system under the house as suggested by my brother. A friendly (to me) pooch is also on tap. Just not right now. And, let's not forget the peacemaker, even if it is a bb gun. So...I will not be moved nor will I break.

Broke are items that are irreplaceable because of their sentimental value. Please tell me how the moving company managed that? Not a flea market, dollar store, ugly but it was given to me, thing broke. However, a stein from Germany, a gift from a MD legislator during a stint there. A beautiful lead crystal urn from Yugoslavia picked up on SF's trip there years ago. My good friend at Ted's Glass Shop may be able to salvage that. Doubtful but hopeful. Jade figure of an Argentine gaucho, also picked up on SF's travels. Ted may be able to reattach the base. Crystal rose bowl from a friend. Coffee urn (glass and copper) purchased by my mom many years ago. Urn is in smithereens; copper is intact. I'm sure more damage (not to mention one of the glass shelves to the china cabinet) will be unearthed as I unload more boxes. How does the MasterCard commercial go? Priceless.

Broken. The beautiful chandelier in the foyer is in tiny bits. I will be sweeping glass for the next year or two. How did that happen, missy? The chain snapped while the electrician was trying to see why it was not receiving power. Went right through his hands, missed his son's head, and the assistant was cut by flying glass. Blood everywhere. Is anybody surprised that I don't have a band aide in the house? Nor he, one on the truck? He is sick; I'm devastated. Fortunately, the store had a record of the purchase and can order another. He's taken aback by the price. Ce la vie.

Bugs, pests, mites, fleas, mosquitoes, whatever, are making my life a living hell. I'm attacked inside and out. Some of the bites are leaving huge knots; definitely not mosquitoes. Set off bombs before leaving for the airport the other night. Did not solve the problem. Fly stick. A joke. Any suggestions?

Breaking point? Not there, yet. Oh, and SF got caught up in the Northwestern fiasco trying to get home. Sat at the airport for almost three hours. Benefit? Upgraded to First Class. Work it James.

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