August 02, 2007

Get a job Sha na na na, sha na na na na

Plan well and execute better.
Proverbs 14:16

I seem to be having a problem in this area. Some would say it is the story of my life. And truthfully, I might just have to agree. The plan has fallen apart but is salvageable. I think. The key component, as always, is M-O-N-E-Y. My mother used to have an ashtray which proclaimed : Money isn't everything but it is ahead of what is in 2nd place. So true.

I'm sending resumes furiously. The state of TN deemed that I didn't have enough education or experience to be a word processor. Give me a break. I guess I fell short in the experience department because it is not something that I did on a regular basis. But the requirements for typing speed, etc., I have. And, maybe you need a doctorate to satisfy the education criteria. Me don't know. The good point, however, is that they will allow me to take the tests for the positions of Word Processor 1 and Administrative Secretary.

Man, I was so excited when I opened the envelope anticipating that I was being called for an interview. No, silly, call for an appointment. Then, when I called for the appointment, I was mentally tracking dates for next week. I had a choice of three test locations from which to choose, none of which were in Ripley. So I had to "google" the addresses to see where they were. Where are you going, Missy? Would you believe--Dyersburg? What should I study in preparation? Spelling? How to file? In all seriousness, it would not hurt to brush up on business math. I think the rest is a cakewalk. So when is the test, Missy? At the end of the month. Can you see my face when the man told me August 31? Okay, okay. The Lord works things in His own time; not mine.

I don't know if it holds true for all of Tennessee (this comes from a very limited perspective) but you can drive your lawn mower around as an alternate vehicle. I'm serious. I've seen this man on the highway, around town square, just tootling along. He lives somewhere past me, 'round the corner down yonder. Why did they tell me this man was cited for DUI on the lawn mower? At least you're able to get out of his way. Wonder if he's ever hit and run?

Got another scare. That's right. This is becoming a daily occurrence. Just knew this cat had died under my bush. Good grief, not another one! I was flooded with relief when that silly cat lifted her head. Even more so when she changed position. Just taking a little mid-day snooze in the shade. And, I don't have to tell you how I felt when she left the property, do I? I think she's hoping I'll soften up and adopt her if she hangs around long enough. Not happening. This is the one that runs to greet the library worker when she pulls into the lot. It was really cute to see her come hightailing from wherever she was, definitely out of position, to get across the lot the other morning. Stay with her, girlfriend, there are no handouts over here.

Dog hunting. Probably better to get one after the number one son is married. Before means kennel stay for that weekend and I don't think that will work. Hear me, KB????

Electrician still working. Outside lights going up. Thank you, thank you. One in the garage/barn/shed will wait till Monday. He's got a bait shop to run on the weekend. He needs help at the shop. Hmmm.

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