August 03, 2007

Heeere We Go!

No workmen today. Off to pick up the application for subbing in Lauderdale County. Yep. Found it this time. Just like I said before, I was looking too hard for it and zipped right by. Little building sitting right next to the athletic field. Makes sense doesn't it? Hotter'n a firecracker down here today. Do NOT want to get out of the car. Ah, everyone has central air except me.

You know it didn't go smoothly, right? Applications accepted on Tuesdays. That is when they do fingerprinting. Shucks. Bring back the application, social security card, and college transcript. Whoa, Nelly! I'll have to order the transcript. School will be over by the time it gets back to Ripley. Well, look at this. You can bring your HS diploma. Think they'll accept my college diploma? Better not to ask and upset the natural order of things.

Save-a-lot is across the street from the office. Stop in to scope it out. Better stocked than the one in Hyattsville and the produce is in better shape. Off-brand coffee, $3.99. Hey, make it strong enough and you won't know the difference. Yep. This will soon be a store of choice.

Round the corner and down the highway to pick up my cash from the aborted fan sale. I really would rather have the fan than the cash; however, cash is always welcomed. Jo-Jo is a little cool but so be it. He guaranteed that it would work.

To the post office. Well, golleee. They've moved the outside boxes! What's up with that? I guess someone told them they had too many in close proximity to each other, especially now that they've installed drive-through boxes in the lot across the street. Inside I go. Can't find the drop box. Sheez! Oh, there it is. Just had to look hard enough.

Picked up some of that finger-licking-good fish from the gas station and a paper. Really, missy, the newspaper office is right next door. I know, I know. Just don't think about it until I'm out and about. Optometrist is looking for help. Show up with resume. Will see you on Monday. Don't know a thing about working in a medical office but 3 to 4 blocks from the house sounds good to me. What can he say but no?

There's also a column in the paper by Zeek, in Dryhill. Never bothered to read it before. Well, isn't this just the cutest thing? Zeek is a resident at the Lauderdale County Animal Shelter and he has the best wit in recounting goings on over there. He also lets you know who is there and their pedigree or lack of one. Worth checking out.

It's Mother's Day, or as my good friend, Mr. Criner, would say: "The government is giving away your money." I'm telling you, if you want to see the folks, wait until the 1st and 3rd of the month.

Alriiight. Back with good intentions. The electrician left his super-duper, tall ladder. I'm using it this weekend. Weekend is right because I can't move the darned thing. Tooo big; tooo heavy. I'll work on it. Easily discouraged, I ain't.

Cleared another box. Yippee. After I cool off, I'll try some more shelves. And maybe a little painting and maybe I'll finish the and the and the. Yep. It is going to be a busy weekend.

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