August 04, 2007

Got My Fix On

I'm a book junkie. I freely admit it. Out of paperbacks and needed more. Well, looky here! The Friends of the Library are having a book sale across the street from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. In the green building in the rear. Hey, JB, now we know what's in there. Sounds like a winner to me for a Saturday morning. Just as well. Percy, who takes care of my neighbor's lawn, was at it at 6:30 a.m., promptly. I'm up, showered, and ready to go. But, I can't be the first in the door. Wait until 9:15 a.m., before I saunter across. This is my first time leaving and returning by the front door. Will the special order key work?

Three little ladies are holding down the fort. No sooner had I crossed the threshold then a "sack" was thrust into my hands. "Fill 'er up for $5.00." Geez, I had only planned on spending $3.00. Good thing I brought my change purse. Now, what the smooth talker didn't tell me was that I didn't have to spend $5; I could have bought just one. Got a lot to learn about this town, the people, and their way of doing business. Slick.

Rows and rows of shelves. Romance, hot damn! Mysteries, alriight! I'm in heaven. And, then the obligatory self-help, reference, yada yada. I'm determined to make the "sack" fuller than full. Don't see any Nora Roberts but I know she's in there somewhere. I'll look more closely next time. Catching tidbits of conversation. One lady wants to move to Texas but can't because of her Mom. Somebody's son/grandson/relative is in trouble with the law. Got to go; can't handle him anymore. It's not what you know but who you know in Ripley. (Already figured that one out.)

Go to pay and am told the sack is not full; I can get a few more books in there. Fill my "sack" and pay my cash. How often do you have these sales? "The first of every month; April through November if the weather is not too cold. No heat in the building." Get out--I've missed two sales and am rereading old books!!!! How do you become a Friend of the Library? "Pay your $5.00 to join." It used to be $3.00 but they had to go up. What a hoot! Now, you just know I'm joining, right? Right down my alley. "Thanks for coming by; where do you live?" Across the street. "Oh, you bought Colista Savage's house? I just love that house. I've never been inside." Ms. Savage was a wise woman. "Another way we raise money is to have house tours." Not this year; maybe next. "Oh, good. We start lining them up early. Make sure you take the tour this year. Be sure to come back in September." I'll do that.

Off to the PO to buy money orders, as required, for copies of my transcript. Don't tell me I'm not serious about this job thing. Money orders are $1.05 each. I needed two $5.00 money orders. Another laugh, the money orders cost almost as much as their face value. Oh, well. Off goes the request.

I've got to do something about that hill. Wonder if the weed whacker will handle it? Next year, it gets planted with some kind of ground cover for sure. Looks awful. The city takes care of the back end, a steep hill for the lawn mower, once a month but...still. There's also a slope between me and the newspaper. I know I can get rid of those weeds.

Caught the school board meeting on tv last night. Major discussion on the proposed dress code. A war has been raging in the newspaper about it. Wednesday's edition ran a letter from a disgruntled parent recounting some of the statements made at this meeting. My good friend, Mrs. Drain, chair of the Board of Education, began with her very sweet smile and pleasant voice. During the course of the meeting, this "cakewalk" went south and so did the smile and voice. She was not a happy camper. Lost control of the meeting a few times. And, there was a revolt among her members. I guess the statements about "don't forget who elected you," "we put you in office," etc., made the blood run cold amongst some of them. One mike; lots of noise with people yelling, babies crying; people talking too softly or out of range. At one point I was yelling at the television, "What is the motion?" I guess it finally passed. I'm not sure. I turned it off. A suggestion to Mrs. Drain, who lives in Henning by the way, would be to look at some of the tape from previous sessions. Her body language and eye contact shows too much reliance on the school superintendent and telegraphs when things are not going as they discussed. Gives the impression that he and not she is in charge, particularly when he reaches over and takes the mike. Might not make another term, Mrs. Drain. Especially after asking to see how many were for and against the code, then making the statement that the number of people present don't represent the county, anyway. Just stay in office long enough so that I can get a position. Is that awful, or what?

Well, I'm burning daylight. Let's see what I can get into. Back at you, later.

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