August 07, 2007

Snap, Crackle, Pop

That's the sound of corn that is burning, acre by acre, because of a lack of rain. Get ready to pay higher prices for anything using corn or its' derivatives, if this stretch of area is any indicator. Feel sorry for the farmers, very little greenery in those fields.

Took a ride into Cordova for a job interview at Macy's South. Even curled my hair; prayed that I could get out of the house before the perspiration wrecked the do. Part-time position, surely I can get a retail job? She wasn't too enthusiastic but I thank her for her time. Strolled around a bit; shopping is no fun without cash to spend. Saw the perfect gown for No. 1 son's wedding. Alas, insurance is due.

Hied over to Home Depot to use the gift card for another motion light. Yep, had a visitor, again. This time I was awake so I knew I heard what I thought I heard. Movement outside. Called the police who were johnny on the spot. Everything was secure but the motion light was on which confirmed that my call was genuine. Got the light and some "no trespassing signs." With my luck, the sucker can't read but if the police say post them, I'll post them. Have $11 left on the card. Darn, forgot to get dirt.

The electrician was very specific in the type of light to purchase. Had an interesting and informative lesson from the salesman. The ones' I purchased are okay; it's the way it is mounted that causes the limited pickup. Ce la vie. Just as long as they work. Maybe he can mount this one at the corner of the house to increase security. If not, it can be returned on the next trip that way.

Came home a different route. Still using Rte. 40 but knew I had seen a turnoff for Ripley on my first trip into Memphis. Might as well explore alternate routes. Well, dang, I'm using more gas and mileage than if I had taken the usual turnoff. Uh oh, the woman in front of me is weaving at 70 mph. Drunk; sleepy; sick; cellphone? Pass her quickly. Come up on a little car in the left lane (70 mph) and they have a blow-out. Tire fragments everywhere. It looked as though the front of the car exploded. And, I'm pumping brakes and praying that 1) I won't hit them and 2) the debris will miss Abby. They hobbled to the right side of the road and no one stopped, including me, to see if they needed help.

I'm not seeing a sign for Ripley. But, here's one for Rte.19, Brownsville. I know Rte. 19 will take me home. Geez, a driving and a driving. But I'm going the right way. Through Nutbush on Tina Turner Highway. Finally hit the Big Rip. Now, where the hell am I? Just keep following the road, Missy. I'm seeing another section of Ripley I had no idea existed and I don't know where I am.

Pass Rice Park. Huge recreation area on the other side of town. Interesting story behind the donation of the land to the African-American community. I'll give it to you when I have all the facts right. Oh, here's a house that I looked at on my first trip to town. Well, golly, it looks like it is going to fall down. Didn't look that way before. Understand it, too, has been vacant several years. At least Serendipity looks stable. Here's a policeman directing me to a detour. Don't they know I don't know how to get there from here? Just keep driving, Missy. Finally spot the town square a few blocks up. Talking about a big sigh of relief. I was not trying to drive up all the little gas I had put into the tank to get back to Ripley.

At home, weeds are multiplying on the slope. Why don't they burn off? Take a good look at the motion light. No wonder the detection range is limited; it's under the eave ( that's as good a description as any) and not mounted to the wall. But it is up.

And speaking of higher prices.... I caught the county commissioners' meeting on tv. Gee, at this rate, I'll never have to attend a meeting in person. Property tax increase as well as the wheel tax. Seems the county has a cash flow problem because of the law suits they've encountered. One being the collapse of the bridge 'tween Covington and Lauderdale County. Hmmm. Bridge collapse? And, get this. There goes my hope of finding a county job (slim pickings, anyway). No positions to be filled when they become vacant with the exception of law enforcement. I'm too old to become a cop. Have to hand it to one commissioner though, he opposed every increase and only agreed to the budgets submitted by self-sustaining agencies; i.e., water and some other agency. His name is Ronnie Elder. I wonder if he is related to Ooma Elder in the real estate office or is the one who owns the auction house?

Add this to the "they do things differently down here" list. The Memphis City Council meeting is broadcast on radio (helllooo, DC) and begins with a prayer AND the pledge of allegiance. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. 'merica at its best.

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