September 05, 2007

Keeping It In Perspective

Wet saw didn't start back up. Off to get the manual tile saw. Yes, I have one of those, too, and have never had much success with it. Guaranteed to break the tile. Not along the score, mind you, but the tile will break. The bottom line? A patchwork counter for the sink cabinet. Once grouted, it doesn't look too bad. Of course, Murphy's law and all that, I ran out of the regular grout and had to use the premixed, use it for everything, grout and mortar concoction which made the trip from DC. Wonderful for mortar; not so great for grout. It is almost impossible to remove from the surface once it hardens. Take my advice, don't use it for grout. I'll be forever trying to get the counter tops clear. But I'm working on it. Need a trim for the counters due time.

Still arranging furniture. Trying to make sure that everything is in its place by the time I accept the job that the good Lord is arranging for me. I'm sure that after driving a million miles to and fro, I will not be in the least bit interested in decorating. Anything. So, I'm making the best possible use of this opportunity.

Decided that a small table would be better used to support the TV. Lugged it into the bedroom and then was faced with the challenge--how to transfer the TV from the nightstand to the table by myself. Keep in mind that it took two men to maneuver the original transfer. "Super G" is trying to do it ALONE! Did I mention that it is a 32 inch? Too big, too heavy, too hot. I can't lift it...I tried but no go. The nightstand is shorter than the table. Did I mention: no help?

This is when you put the brains that the good Lord gave you to use, hopefully. Lay the TV down (on padding to keep from scratching the screen) across the table and push it forward. Watch the padding hit the floor. Listen to the screen screech across the table. Try to raise it into an upright position. Not. Sweat a lot. Not only is it hot but I'm afraid the thing is going to fall. Oh, look! The sewing machine is the same height as the table and it hasn't been unwrapped yet. If I can just drag it over and...hold on the TV.... Alriiiight, mission accomplished. Now to get it upright. Not enough leverage (the knee is just not going high enough) or strength. Stoop, use the head and shoulders, and L-I-F-T! Thank you, Jesus. It works. Once it is upright, moving the table into position is a piece of cake.

Got a call from the WalMart, here in town, asking me to come in for an interview. No problem. I need health care badly. This abscess is the size of a golf ball. Needless to say, I am in serious pain. Understand that the health clinic has a dentist. Might have to make that trip. Surely they won't turn me away or will they? Fortunately, it broke and I was able to make the interview with my teeth in place. Here's hoping it won't act up during the wedding festivities. I just might as well bring a straw hat and a corn cob pipe to complete the look.

No information on the job, what you'll do, any of the things you would expect when you interview--anywhere. Finish the paperwork, interview with two people, manager comes in and shows me the expected salary if the consumer check, references, and drug test pan out. You're paying what??? They're paying more than that at the WalMart in Myrtle Beach. Can I commute? Can't take the pee test because I took a painkiller before I left the house. First thing in the morning, however. Now I understand why people work three and four jobs. So what's the perspective? The minimum wage is $5 and some change. If hired, I'll be above the minimum wage. Will still need another job, though. Need health care. Need to finish my repairs. Need a heating system in place. Keep praying and sending resumes, darlin'. Are you praying for me?

And, just what is it with Sen. Larry Craig? Go away! The venerable Jerry Lewis used a derogatory name for gays on his Labor Day telethon, the very same epithet used by the black actor on Grey's Anatomy, with no hue and outcry. The black actor was fired by the way, even after the mea culpa, rehab, and all that. I guess because Jerry is "venerable." Six Black boys are given exorbitant sentences, in Jenna, Louisiana for a school yard fight, by an all white jury. The white kids, who strung nooses and beat a Black kid a few days earlier, were suspended. Just trying to get the right perspective.

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