September 08, 2007

Rainy Season

I must have been transported from the desert to the rain forest while I slept. After weeks of no rain, it has now rained intermittently for the past 3 days and more is called for. Now, that would not be a problem if the roof over the den/study/office/computer room didn't leak. And you know that I can't call the fellow back because we did not part on good terms. Took a look outside and it seems that some of the decking has warped which, in truth, is not his fault. But please, can a sistah catch a break?

The rain is good for the farmers, though a little too late. It is not good for the kid because that means the lawn has got to be mowed. It only takes a little moisture from the sky to green things up again. I'm ready. It had to be done anyway. Got a few people passing through and while I can't fix the outside, at least the lawn can be tidy.

So how is it going on the inside, you ask? The more I put away, the more disorganized I become. Am getting real frustrated with this process. Add to that the dicey finances and I am really on edge. I am tired of paint, nails, patch, etc. I am tired of boxes. I am tired of being tired.

Can't find my stepping out shoes. Saw them when I unpacked the clothes. Who knows where they are now. Not in the bedroom closets for sure. Lost a sneaker. Since I took them off together, it has got to be in here. It will show up.

Picked up a 4-legged friend. At least he thinks he is. I think he is a pest and he has got to go. Only need things around that are contributing to the household. Anything else is unwelcome, especially a mouse. Now with all these damned cats prowling the yard, reclining on the front porch, yada yada, you would think that I would not have that problem. And you know I don't like mice. Have put down all kinds of stuff and he is still skipping around. AAAARGH!

Ripley may be an outpost but this section of the country has more going on to entertain you than a little bit. There's an arts & crafts fair going on, the 30-mile-yard sale, Southern Heritage Classic football game between Tennessee State and Jackson State, a few fairs thrown in for good measure. All you need is gas and the will to drive.

I have to ask these questions though because the walls aren't answering. 1) Why didn't Steve Fossett file a flight plan with all the experience that he has? Isn't that the first rule or did he think he was immortal? 2) How did I miss the fact that the missing English child was the oldest of the three children in the hotel room? Did her parents lose their damned minds? 3) Why is it that every time Bush gets backed into a corner, Bin Laden makes a tape? 4) How could Hsu hide from the feds for over 15 years and I can't hide for a week? Money talks; bs walks.

The heavens have opened up again so I need to cover up my lifeline. The computer that is. I can find plenty to do while I wait for the storm to pass.

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