September 16, 2007

Not Ready for Prime Time

That's right, company is coming to Serendipity and we are not ready for prime time. Why not, Missy? Piddling and procrastination are major contributors; finances another. But now it is crunch time. Nothing like having to put on the dog to make you look and see ALL that needs to be done. Good googly moogly, I'm not superman but let's see if I can make it happen.

The walls were scrubbed in the West Wing and floors mopped and waxed when my brother was here. You know I haven't done a thing in there since then. Other than to make sure the windows were secure. Time for the paint. Ladder, paint, rollers, brushes, paper to protect the floor. The previous owner used wood paneling throughout most of the house and those ridges pose a problem with the roller. I don't have time or the inclination to use a brush. Roll first, go over the ridges with the paint brush. Using the same Navajo White (think a lighter shade of butter cream frosting) in the back rooms because this is a dark house. White for the trim; a clean contrast to the main color. White ceilings.

Ready, set, go. Up the ladder, down the ladder, move the ladder. Although it had rained daily since Wednesday, causing temperatures to drop to the 85-93 degree mark, it is still hot and sweat is pouring. AND, it is football season. Alright. Haven't formed an allegiance to the Titans yet so the channel is set to whatever game Fox is carrying. Channel went off the air. Great! I'm beginning to think that it is a rule to watch the Titans play. Back to the Titans' game. Rest at the computer. Where else? Oh, yeah! The heavens have smiled upon me. The Redskins overtime is being broadcast. I would have missed it if the other channel was working. A painting time-out is called.

1/2 of the ceiling is done and 2 walls. Have tracked paint everywhere. Yeah, paper was down but I managed to step in the splatters. More work. Monday: rain again but I'm back to the task at hand. Trying to kill two birds with one stone. Need to finish painting the bathroom (same paint scheme) so paint is splashed on the ceiling. Might as well do the ceiling there while that roller is in use.

So, how are they going to get to the West Wing, Missy? Through the living room, across the porch (enclosed) and down the hallway. Have you looked at that hallway, lately? OH. MY. GOD! It definitely needs paint and the floor mopped and waxed. This hallway was way off the radar screen. Slap paint on the ceiling. Not a finished job but enough to look fresh. What's this? Out of Navajo White? Are you kidding me? And no more roller pads? I just saw a bunch the other day. You know what this means, right? A trip to Cole's. Mo' money.

Just as well, Monday night football is on. Started at 6 p.m. Good grief! I can't get used to the time change. Thanks to my number one son, I would have missed it completely! What? The cable company is having feed problems for ESPN??? For MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL? When the Ravens are playing? I'm told they're working on it. I went to sleep.

It's Tuesday and I'm at Cole's. Not at 7 a.m., as planned; closer to mid-day. What did you do? Don't ask me, but here I am, with shopping list in hand for several stores. Coles is very expensive (the laws of supply and demand are at play in Ripley; while food items are cheap by DC standards, other material goods are not) and I'm not paying through the nose for a paint brush when Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store are carrying them for 1-2 dollars less. Back to the house and away we go.

Creativity sets in. A quart of dark brown paint appears from the DC store. That would be a good contrast wall. Well, maybe it is too dark. I'll just mix a little of the white into it--make a nice cafe au lait or deep tan effect. Oh. Too light, too something once it is on the wall. And, it is streaked. Ugh! Too late for change. Room looks like a cheap motel. Ugh! Scuffling to get niceties in place. Got plenty to choose from; just not enough time to put things in the way they should be. Throw stuff on the walls using the existing nails. No time for painting windows and shutters. Got to clean the paint off the floor, change the linen. Oh! Need rugs. Bathroom and hallway still need to be done. Doesn't look like the kitchen is going to make it, or some of the other things. Darn! Dump everything from the bathroom into the clean spaces in my room. And it is still raining, so the lawn won't get mowed.

Procrastination will kill you every time.

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