September 27, 2007

Third World Country

Memphis is scheduled to have mayoral and council elections next week. The Justice Department will observe the elections at the request of the incumbent mayor, who is also running for re-election. Now, why would that be? His Honor, the very arrogant Mayor Herrenton, says that he has received reports of electronic machines registering other names when his is touched. The Election Board says not so. Needless to say, this should be mighty interesting. He has a strong contender in a white female who is currently on the City Council. People are a little tired of the mayor (I'm tired of him and I just got here), so we'll see. Just heard that the FBI has cited Memphis as being the most violent city in the nation. I knew that the outpost of Big Rip was a good choice. So far.

Woke up Tuesday morning to rain. Grass is almost to my knees. Just kidding, but it is up there. Even in the area I mowed last week. Need gas for the mower. Wednesday promises to be clear. NOT! Sun peeked through brightly and I'm off. Clothes to the line; gas for the mower. Get started. Here comes the rain. Give me a break!

Have to be at work at 4 p.m. Like that schedule. Gives you all day to do nothing or something. Felt good walking in with a decent hairdo. Of course, the cheapo pants and I did our best impression of Urkel. Good grief! They were several inches above the ankles. Not short enough to be considered capris by any stretch of the imagination. Thursday and Friday call for reporting at 11 a.m. That's not bad either but I sure like the 4 p.m. time.

Thursday morning. RAIN. The news announcer asked where was all the rain during August. I want to know, too. Where was it? I'm trying to get my yard mowed and trimmed down here. Did manage to get the narrow side of the house done. What to my wondering eyes should appear? Someone has been under the house, AGAIN! There are three openings under this relic and I've secured two. We figured that the problem would be solved with the addition of the lights. NOT! Will stop past the lumber yard and get a scrap board. Yeah, yeah. With all the boards that I have laying around, none are the right size.

A dog is a little more trouble than I want at the moment. But it looks like I will have to visit Zeke and his friends. No fence so it can't be an outside dog. And I truly dislike animals on the furniture. Ugh! Decisions, decisions.

BH&G sent an email with suggestions for Halloween decorations. What a splendid idea! The exterior of my house would qualify for a great haunted house! I think I might have a little fun here. Cobwebs strung, a ghostly something in the dining room window, some flickering lights???

The groundhog family has got to go! This huge rodent has made a hole into the garage/barn/shed from the treed side of the yard. I am going to mix up the most potent combination of everything I can find and liberally sprinkle the yard, using my spreader. Then I am cutting down the bushes along the garage/barn/shed (which I understand have a beautiful bloom in the Spring) as low as they will go to give me access to all of the holes they have dug. And I'm putting in massive amounts of concrete. I know. I know. They'll only dig more holes but this is ridiculous.

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