September 26, 2007

Wedding Weekend Wrap-up

People are easing out. The Redskins play at 4:15. Oh, yeah. I'm in DC and can watch the game. People are allowed to take the lantern centerpiece. Don't know how I'm going to pack it but I definitely want one. I'm told that some people took more than one. My people, my people. Ask what I can do. Assigned to take down the arch. No problem. Dismantled and in the back of the truck. Off we go.

Redskins fever. I go to sleep at half-time. What's up with that????Wake up to find that they are losing. LOSING? To the Giants? The Giants haven't won a game so far and are banged up. Why are we losing? Watched the Cowboys for a minute. Impressive. Went to sleep.

The honeymooners are off to Curacao for a week. Lucky people. I'm off to Ripley. They had to be at the airport at 6 a.m. I vaguely remember waking at that time. Was I supposed to see them off? Honestly. I need a manual on what to do. My flight leaves at 12:30. Time enough to return the sharp black heels. Let's face it, group. I don't need a bunch of sharp shoes in this town. At least not until I begin to meet people and get out and about. And I know where DSW and Rackroom are in Cordova, an hour away.

SF is a whiz at packing. Must be a man's thing. He's assigned to load me up with everything I brought and acquired in that short time: shoes, lantern, pants, glass vase. Took him all of 15 minutes and he didn't use the side pocket. I'd still be trying to figure out how to get it all in. Drop off the shoes, Rackroom is on the way to the airport. Pull into the airport with time to spare and then some. SF is off to points north. Grab big sandwich, drink, brownie, chips, and settle in for the duration.

Board the flight. Layover in Atlanta. Seems there was a problem with the seating. AirTrans assigned adjoining seats to 4 adults and put the toddler in a seat by himself, in the rear of the plane. Had to do some adjusting and explaining and moving people around. Woman comes on board and announces there is a problem. What? "She's sitting in my seat." Give me a break. All she had to do was tell me that I was by the window and not the aisle. You know I'm not a happy camper. The girl in the middle slides to the window, I slide to the middle. No problem. What's this? A DOG???? She's brought a dog on board as carry-on luggage? And, I'm supposed to sit beside her and this animal? I. Don't. Think. So. Girlfriend has to move so I can get my window seat. The tot in front of me was exuberant to put it mildly. Not crying. Just loud and active. The dog barked and urinated intermittently. Got an email working to AirTrans. Thought animals went in the cargo hold. Hmmm.

Get to Atlanta. There's a delay. Something is wrong with the plane and maintenance is on it. Oh, Lord. What's the problem? Don't know; the pilot didn't say. Okaaay. Finally get to board. See a man with blue duct tape. Joke as I come on board, "Was he using the duct tape to fix the plane?" Ha Ha. "Of course, don't you know duct tape is indestructable?" HA HA. Why did the pilot come on, after take-off, to announce that, in doing the exterior inspection, they noticed some tape had become undone? Oh. Lord.

Hit Memphis and grabbed the bag. Lord, please let there be enough money on my card to get out of the long-term lot. There was. Turn on Miss Maggie and away we go. Just get me to 1-240 East, Maggie. I can make it from there. Boy, was she pissed with me. "Calculating route." Time to shut her off. I know where I'm going now, and it is NOT going to be around Robin Hood's barn.

Ah, Ripley. It is after 7 p.m. I am glad to be home.

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