September 26, 2007

Wedding Weekend--The BIG Event

The officiant and pianist were in place. Anything that needed to be done at this point had to be ignored. Kevin has taken his place, unobserved by the rest of the wedding party (except for watchful Mom, that is). The bride can't leave her room until the groom is in place. He's there; let's get the party started. Here she comes, absolutely lovely. I know. All brides are beautiful but LaTanya had transformed from a pretty girl into a beautiful girl. Hair up (with tendrils hanging), makeup artfully applied, and a (in my opinion) spectacular gown. Not frou-frou, full of bows and yards of material, but an elegant beaded gown with a very slight train. Love it, love it, love it. Shows her hips which I had never noticed. Obviously my son had.

In rehearsal, it was decided that SF would escort me in but I forgot to tell him and he had escaped and was seated. Malik, a dimpled, little eleven-year-old, would escort me down the aisle and return for Mrs. Fauntleroy. I cautioned him not to walk fast because I had on new shoes. Needless to say, decorum went the way of the wind, because the grin on my face as I walked to my seat was miles wide. Looked just like a jackass chewing on a bumble bee as my mother would have said. Sat down instead of remaining standing as we practiced the day before. So did Mrs. Fauntleroy, so I didn't make a total mess of things.

Maid of Honor is next. Beautiful sage green, two-piece gown. She is slender as a reed and could work it, if so inclined. Dresses are not her thing. I'm sure every woman in the room would give their eyeteeth to be that small again. No smile.

Here's the bride on the arm of her father, Hugh. Beautiful. Didn't look nervous at all. Hugged her dad and went up the riser. Oh, she and her sister carried short bouquets of calla lilies, I think the color was a deep mauve but a shade of red at any rate. Two vases of white calla lilies adorned the riser on either side of the arch.

The officiant launched into her spiel, including a welcome to the guests. I couldn't begin to tell you what all she said. Short woman with an accent. Not sure if it was Spanish or Slavic. Readers are up next. The couple had chosen two pieces that had significance for them. SF was up first, a friend of the bride's next. Back to the officiant. They did a tasting ceremony, skipped the "jumping of the broom," and chose this African tradition instead. Tasting of the Four Elements symbolizes all that the bride and groom will endure during the course of their marriage: the sour (lemon juice); the bitter (vinegar); the hot (cayenne pepper); and the sweet times (honey). Not familiar with that ritual but Lordy how appropriate. Exchanging vows and rings. My son has his head down and I'm thinking he is going to be sick. Just what we need. You could hear him, though. I'm lost as to when she pronounced them man and wife. Small kiss and hug. It's over.

Reception line forms. We did this in rehearsal so we've got it down pat. Kevin wants SF in the line. SF has been a part of Kevin's life for 30 of his 34 years. What a tribute. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Kev. Off to take pictures. Pictures of the family, pictures of the bride and groom, pictures of the bride's family, pictures of the groom's family, pictures, pictures, pictures.

While we're taking pictures, the guests are being wined and dined on hors d'oeuvres and liquid refreshments. Pianist playing. Usually the guests are milling around, at loose ends, during the photo op. We return to find that all the food is gone. What? Here comes the last tray. Make a grab for a scallop and bacon. Thank you very much. No breakfast.

Doors open to the adjoining room for the dinner. How pretty. Folks will dine on American Garden Salad, Chicken Tomatillo, Three Peppercorn Strip Loin, Steamed Vegetables, Garlic Smashed Potatoes, with Wedding Cake for dessert. But first, the wedding party has to make an entrance. Man, I was just getting ready to take off the hot shoes so I could walk safely. Outside for the line-up and the grand entrance is made. Allllriiight. Toast to the guests is made by the bride and groom; MOB makes her speech and welcomed Kev into her family. Little boxes of Truffles are at each plate. Wedding cake is divine. Absolutely.

Another touch that I thought was great was to have each guest sign a picture mat which will surround a photo of the bride and groom. What a neat way to remember those who attended your wedding. And each guest will receive a photo cd. Nice touch. You did good, LaTanya.

Oh, I had asked the day before what she intended to call me. "Mother Blackman?" NOT. Gwen will do just fine. Of course, SF and Baby Brother are having big fun with that one. Looks like I'm stuck.

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