September 25, 2007

Wedding Weekend--Pre Wedding

Up at 6 a.m. Got to make these corsages work!!! Need a glue gun and what exactly do they want done with this arch? Leave a message on son's phone to bring a glue gun. He calls back to say they don't have one. I don't have a clue as to where a WalMart is in the area; Virginia is not my stomping ground. There has got to be a way to make the ribbon stay on the stem of the corsage. And the tulle is growing on the second corsage; just getting way out of hand. What's up with that? I've worked these flowers until I'm afraid to keep handling them. Thank God they didn't wilt overnight. Enough is enough. Calling it quits on the corsages. They will have to do. On to the arch.

How do you want the arch? Give me some direction, here. Geez. Decide to tie tulle in between the garlands to soften and fill. Don't know whether they will like it. Definitely don't want tacky. Big bow in the middle? May not be what is wanted. Geez. 9:15 a.m. Son arrives to pick it up. I'm not happy with the finished product but.... Off he and SF go to deliver it. I promise to come and finish it. Which means that I have to get dressed. Hair's acting fine. Makeup goes on without a hitch. Off we go. Fortunately, the place is right across the street. Wedding is at high noon.

Arch is in place, everything looks like it is under control. All I have to do is continue filling in the lower edges with tulle. Takes forever. The wedding coordinator's wife pitches in on the other side. Not the best but it will have to do. Guests are arriving.

Here's Cooper and wife, Debra. The only guests from my list of invitees. Thanks for the support. Our family is small and the invited cousins didn't show. Disappointed but the show goes on. Burst into the men's dressing area to say final words to the son and put on the hot shoes. Trouble with the vest closing around the tummy. Exercise time, KB.

The mother of the bride and I didn't communicate on the colors but you would have thought we did. She had on a lovely gown, tan/gold in color, my outfit was gold but short. The men were attired in black. The bridesmaid, LaTanya's sister, in sage green. Very pretty and becoming. The bride was resplendent in a beautiful gown that I would dye and wear every opportunity I had. Black or navy blue. She could probably cut off the slight train and have it made into a bolero jacket or stole.

It is time to take our place. Lights, camera, actio. Show Time.

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