September 25, 2007

Wedding Weekend--Rehearsal and Brunch

Up at 5 a.m. Phone rings at 5:30 a.m. SF has arrived and just giving me a heads-up that he is on his way up. He and that nasty Alicia have become fast friends. She was just a billing and cooing in the background. He has that effect on people. Anyway.... At 7:30 a.m., #1 son appears. I haven't even made it to the bathroom! Rehearsal is at 9 a.m., across the street. We're late. How did that happen????

I'm dressed--makeup, jewries, stockings--thank God I didn't put on heels. No one else is dressed. Jeans are the order of the day. Now you tell me.
Oh, well. We run through rehearsal a few times, take a few pictures, you know the drill. Rehearsal ends sooner than expected. We're such quick studies.

Brunch starts at 11 a.m., at a restaurant about 15 minutes away, Since it's 10:20 a.m., we have time for KB to pick up his tux, stop at the hotel to pick up SF, and get to the restaurant. We're only talking a radius of a few blocks. We're late to the brunch. No problem. Food is good. A fine time is had by all.

Back to the hotel. I've got time to find shoes. LaTanya and Kevin are coming over at 5 with the flowers for the corsages and the arch. DSW is within walking distance of the hotel. Off we go, my brother, Midgie and I, in search of the perfect shoe. Hmmm. Looks like I might have to wear those sharp, but not quite working for me, black shoes I got the night before. Never fear. The shopping duo are on the job. Brother finds the perfect shoes for the outfit--a little high, a little slick-- and at the right price. Alriight. Off to Target, across the street, for snacks. Well, well, brown slacks at $9.98. Just the right price for my Wally World uniform. I refuse to wash daily or pay good money for work clothes. Why didn't you buy them from Wally World, Missy? Everybody must have the same idea because my size, in my price range, is not to be found. Back to the hotel.

Hair cut time. Just take it close in the back. The front is still undergoing the trauma from the bad haircut in May. I don't think it will ever grow back and my hair grows (or did) extremely fast. Here come the flowers. Oh, calla lilies, how pretty. Where's the fern? The lace? The baby's breath? Not having it. Okaaay. Do the boutonnieres and send them home with the happy couple. Midgie and I try hard to make this tulle work as a backdrop for the corsages. It is not working. We have the idea but the fabric is NOT cooperating. And what on earth can be done with the arch? Hair is finally completed. I'm sure brother was not happy with the many interruptions but I'm thankful. They're off. I'm working the flowers until 12:30 a.m. Realize, too late, that the stems for the boutonnieres should have been wrapped in ribbon. Been a long time since I've done this. Finally get one corsage done. I'm going to bed. Praying that the room will stay cool enough and the flowers won't wilt. Please, Lord. Pack them in ice. Can't get the room cool enough without freezing me and SF to death. Oh, Lord. Of all the times NOT to have a mini fridge in the room. Hear that, Hilton?

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