September 25, 2007

Wedding Weekend--Getting There

I'm going to break this into several parts, by necessity. It is a long tale to be told. First, my body is in severe pain from my honest labor at Wally World. Every bone in my feet aches and this is just my first week. Next week, I'll be sure to get inner soles for the sneaks. I need every advantage I can get. Seriously, it is not that bad; just takes a little getting used to. The body is not as young as it used to be. And, there are folks there much older than I am so I know it can be done.

Thursday evening and it is packing time. Plane leaves Memphis at 12:30 or so on Friday. It is an hour and a half to Memphis plus time to check in, yada yada. Need to leave here no later than 9 a.m. Is everybody familiar with my history? Well, at least I know what I'm taking so this should be a snap. There's just one problem. My feet HURT! So I lay down, instead.

Up early Friday morning, a normal routine, wash the hair, start packing. Am I carrying a bunch of stuff or what? Have located Christmas gifts that were in storage last year. Decide they will take too much space. Leave them out. Stockings? Check. Pocketbooks? Check. Of course, more than one. They have to match the outfits, silly. I've decided to wear a gold outfit for the wedding but need shoes. I have a pair that will work but work and work well are two different things. I need something to work well. Taking the working shoes just in case. And the blue shoes just in case I decide to wear the blue outfit. So I need a blue bag. Oh, looky. Someone gave me a cute little gold mesh bag that has been stored away, never used. Perfect! Not trying to curl the hair; baby brother is on tap to give me a haircut when he gets in. Slicked back works fine. Makeup? Check. Scared of it because I've picked up a tan. Might be too light. But even if the foundation doesn't work, eye makeup is definitely in order. Curlers? Check. Hot and cold. Nail polish? Check. Haven't had any on since who knows when but no way am I not putting color on the fingers. What I really need is a pedicure and manicure. All this manual labor is taking its toll. Camera? Check.

Trying to stay away from the computer. We know that it is not my friend. Didn't do badly. But of course, there are these little last minute details to be taken care of, like pay the utilities. Why not just put them in the mail, Missy? That requires postage and I can drive three blocks and pay in person on my way out of town. Have to make some phone calls, make sure everything is as locked down as I can get it, and everything is turned off. Making several trips back and forth, checking and rechecking. Oh, need Miss Maggie so I can find my way home from the airport, or at least to I 240 East. Finally, out of the house. It is about 9:45. Are you surprised?

Drop off the bills; won't chance the bank. Hit the road. I have enough gas for the trip. Smooth sailing. It is cotton picking time. Tufts of cotton lie along the roadside. At first glance it looks like trash which is unusual because TN has some of the cleanest roadways I've ever seen. Getting close to the airport. Have to find long-term parking and then get to the terminal. The first is easily resolved. The second is, too. The Lord was looking out for me. Here comes the shuttle bus. I only have to run with that heavy dress bag, camera bag, and pocketbook. Still, she waited for me. At the terminal, checked in. It is 11:15, still need to clear security.

Where did all these people come from? Why is the line so long? Why don't they have their shoes untied, or wear shoes they can slip out of (like I did)? Geeez. I haven't been on a plane since 9-11 but even I know that. My turn at last. Best to take off my signature bracelets. No point in turning the place upside down. Don't like walking barefoot in a public place; I seldom walk barefoot in my own place. Ugh. Made it through to the holding area. I am starved and the prices are ridiculous. I get my slice of cake and iced tea and make it on board. Good thing I did. We were served pretzels (mini-pretzels, at that) and a beverage. I ate that, too. I had to laugh at the instructions on how to eat the pretzels: 1) Think about the wonderful low fares as you open the packet 2) Place a pretzel in the mouth. With each crunch, be reminded of the low fares 3) With each swallow, remember again the low fares 4)Repeat until packet is empty 5) Keep empty packet to remember low fares.

Layover in Atlanta. Not enough time to explore the airport. I know they are supposed to have a fantastic permanent exhibit but I'm not chancing finding it. If it is not within my immediate confines, I won't see it. On to DC. There's baby boy, number one son, waiting with outstretched arms. What a good feeling.

He's in need of honeymoon shoes; I need sharp shoes for the outfit. We can't go far because he's picking up another person from National as well. She is coming from LA. There's a DSW in Pentagon City and a Rack Room down the road in Potomac Yards. We do Rack Room. I settle (must be my lot in life) for a sharp pair of black heels but aren't happy with the choice. If time permits on Saturday, perhaps my brother's friend and I can do better. Across the lot to get something to eat. Takes forever just to place the order. Phone rings, Linda has landed. He's off. Food is mighty slow in coming. It finally arrives and I start munching through everything. They get back and I grab a cigarette while they order. We're in Arlington, the hotel is in Springfield. It's getting late so off we go.

You should know that while everything has gone smoothly so far, something would go wrong before the day ended. The desk clerk swore she had no reservation. Very nasty person. Maybe I looked like I didn't belong??? On and on. I won't bore you. I finally got into the room and collapsed. A bed. Thank you, Jesus.

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