October 24, 2007

Going to St. Luke's

I finally got my praise on after being here almost six months. I attended St. Luke’s Missionary Baptist Church at the invitation of a co-worker, Alice Beard. Alice couldn’t give me the name of the street/road or good directions. She did graciously offer to meet me at Wally World, pick me up, meet me on Rte. 19, whatever, because “the church is in the country.” I, however, prefer to drive me, myself, and I. A friend of hers told me to take Rte. 19 into Nutbush (Tina Turner’s hometown), turn left at the gin and the Rte. 180 intersection, and come to the top of the hill. The church would be on the right.

Cindy, aka Piss-Ant, was in the doghouse, so no early morning walk. They had worked the gray mare Saturday night and she was tired. Got up, got dressed, lost time primping and left the house later than I’d planned.

Hit Rte. 19, into Nutbush (which is in Hayward County), saw the marker for Rte. 180, and turned left. I drove up the hill; down the hill; up the hill; down the hill. Aha! Here’s a church on the right. Antioch Baptist. Not St. Luke’s. Obviously, I had done something wrong. Where was Maggie, Missy? I’d left her home because I didn’t have a street address. Back to my turn-off point. Let’s start over. It is now five to eleven. I hate walking into church late.

Okaaaay. I had turned at the marker announcing that Rte. 180 was coming up. Silly me! Passed the gin and turned at Rte. 180. Well, I’ll be! It’s taking me right back to intersect with the street I’d turned on the first time. But it goes straight across. Says plain as day—Rte. 180 East. Up the hill. Down the hill. I’m giving this a few more minutes and then I’m turning around and going home. St. Luke’s Road. Hmmm. Church can’t be far. After traveling over a few more hills, I finally came to the conclusion that I should’ve turned on St. Luke’s Road. Make a U-ie and follow this twisting lane. It finally intersects with another road and, there on the corner, sits St. Luke’s.

Wait a minute! She said it was a big church. I’m thinking b-i-g church like Greater First. Not. Maybe it is big in comparison with other churches in the area. And, it is in the country. A huge, gothic or other-wise citified church would definitely be an oddity. Park and hustle in. It is late, 11:16 a.m., and I can squeeze in the back with little notice. Gonna get my praise on.

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