October 24, 2007

Give the Dog a Bone

…and they’ll bury it. Seriously. I gave Piss-Ant a rawhide treat that was almost as large as her foreleg. Figured she could gnaw on it. She quickly showed that she does know how to pick things up. And, what to do with something resembling a bone. She found a spot, did a few quick digs with her paws, and deposited her treat. To see this tiny dog with this thing, at least 6 to 8- inches long, protruding between her gums was hilarious. Thank goodness I didn’t get the b-i-g one.

I figured since she hadn’t covered it, I could come back later and bring it inside. She would have something to keep her occupied while I am away. I can’t find it and neither can she. She must have finished covering it, or moved it, after I went to Wally World to use the phone. And JB, rubbing the ball and the stuffed toy on her body has had no effect. She ignores both of them.

I heard her bark and that caught me by surprise. As you’ve heard, she doesn’t do this. Well, well. Mr. Groundhog had come out, into her side of the yard. The bark didn’t faze him at all. He sat with his back turned to her until I opened the door. If she hadn’t been leashed….?

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