October 24, 2007


NewWave’s phone, cable, and internet connection is for the birds. Piss-Ant and I did our early morning routine on Saturday. Told you about the Great Bank Robbery, took a nap, and look at what happened. NO SERVICE. Have disconnected everything and put them back together. No phone, no internet. Really!

I am not a happy camper. It is now Sunday afternoon and, still, NO service. I have called from Wally World three times over the weekend and NO answer. Earlier this week, I had tried to get them on-line. Not happening. I tried calling the 800 number. Not happening. Finally called the regular office number and got through. “We’re having problems with those services.” R-E-A-L- L-Y? Seems they’re having problems, period.

Now boys and girls, this is really not a good thing. Cable worked for a day and then went out. (It’s football Sunday, isn’t it?) Phone hasn’t worked since Saturday a.m. Which would you rather have? I know. I know. Both. But to have to make a choice between them? The phone is most necessary. And, if there is no phone connection, at least let me see some football. What part of that don’t they understand? I’ll be at my good friends’ office, Jennings Realty, in the a.m. to use their phone. They are good people. Going to Wally World twice in a day is more than I can bear.

Stopped in at Jennings, on the way to work. Maurine promised to make the call to NewWave. I also called from Wally World—no answer. Yes, it is the same number that is printed on the bill and the phone book; the same 1-800 number that they were having problems with last week. Internet came back up mid-day on Tuesday. Still no phone service. You can bet that I will go to the web site and write down the regular office number for the future.

So good friends, for those of you who were worried, I am alive and well. As is Piss-Ant. Can I get some service? Please?

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