October 17, 2007

Piss-Ant Speaks

Little Miss Piss-Ant, aka Cindy, can bark. Can you believe it? I heard her bark at another dog at the festival, so I knew she was capable, but here she has barked at NOTHING. Not a shadow, people coming onto the property, sounds, NOTHING. She stands attentively surveying the area but no reaction to anything. NOTHING. Everything is taken in stride. Talking about laid back. Until yesterday when something darted into the barn/shed/garage. Must have startled her because she let loose one sharp bark. I was ecstatic. Piss-ant speaks!

Before you get offended, the nickname is affectionate, not derogatory. Pissant is slang for useless (which she is) and worthless (the book is still out on that one). In this case, Piss-ant refers to her tendency to 1) lose control when she is being put on a leash and 2) her size. I've taken to putting the leash on once she's outside. I'm tired of mopping and wiping up.

She loves to be petted. Let me repeat: LOVES to be petted. This stupid dog could sit for hours with you just rubbing on her. Bad habit: Her enthusiasm (when she gets excited) makes her forget that she cannot jump up on you. That generally happens when she knows she is going outside or wants more pats. Not destructive--a good thing. Becoming more interested in her surroundings. Would rather whine than bark. In other words, she is quiet.

Cindy seems to like the outdoors although they swore she was a house dog. Fine by me. She is house-trained and has good doggy manners. No jumping on the furniture. No shoes, clothes, etc. She'd be gone in a flash. Banned from Abby except in emergencies. She didn't want to get in to start with and though I'd put a covering across the back seat, her excitement caused an accident which missed the mat completely. She was quickly put out and back into the house.

Has no interest whatsoever in the ball my brother suggested I get for her. Completely ignores it. Even after I rubbed it with one of her snacks. Not interested. Won't chase it. And definitely will not retrieve anything. She has discovered one of the groundhog holes by the barn/shed/garage and eased her way under the bush to explore. A friend says that one of her dogs is the death of the groundhogs around her place. Here, the groundhogs are as large as Miss Cindy and outweigh her so that won't be happening. Maybe her scent will drive them away???? I doubt it.

I can't end without the Wally World crime report. Two teenage males taken out in handcuffs by Ripley's finest. Trying to steal DVD's. As they went swaggering by (getting busted with your partner gives you confidence; you can't let on that you are a) scared ****less and b) embarrassed), one stated that his "baby" was in the truck. Shades of country music. A song a few years ago referred to a young girl, against her mother's advice, ran off with her sweetheart and while she was sitting in the car unaware, he was robbing a store or something. Wonder what this sweet young thing thought when she saw her honey being taken out of Wal-Mart?

Under the category "people will steal anything just because they can:" Worms. Took the worms and left the can. Please. It rained the night before; worms were plentiful. Stealing to be stealing.

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