November 04, 2007

Hi, Grandma!

Well! Talk about being disabused of the notion that I don't look too bad for a woman entering, or into, her mature years. A set of adorable triplets, two girls and a boy, quickly put that idea to rest. Good grief! I might consider going back to dying my hair if the face and the neck didn't give the years away. What a hoot!

I was busily minding my business in the customer service area and kept hearing "Hi, Grandma." Well...why should I pay any attention; they're not talking to me. After hearing the insistence of the greeting, I looked around to see where "Grandma" was. I was it. Their parents were fit to be tied. I laughed and said I guessed my gray hair made me a prime candidate. The mother replied that anyone they see with gray hair is "Grandma." And, there I went thinking I was special. I told her not to worry about it, I'd be their "Grandma." Well, one little missy (must have been the oldest) informed the other two that they had two grandmas so I couldn't possibly be their grandmother. She was overruled. Later, while in housewares, they greeted me again with choruses of "Hi, Grandma." Turns out they are 4 fingers old. The mother was prepared for twins but the third one was a surprise at delivery. Must have been hiding under the other two. They rolled out to the tune of "Bye, Grandma." Do I really need to dye my hair?

Still think flea-bitten Cindy is pregnant. We'll see. She's finding her voice. Got real feisty on a walk around the block where she spied a pit puppy on the opposite side of the street. Really, girlfriend, you do not own the entire block and thank God, he was a little puppy and not a full-grown dog. Then, today, she started barking when kids went past the front. Barked them up the street and around the corner. On their way back, they took a shortcut through the yard next door, and she had a real hissy-fit. They weren't in our yard but she wasn't having it. Thank goodness she was on a leash because all 10 pounds of her was off to the races. Barked them out of sight as well and had the nerve to growl. I don't know about this animal. Let's bark at some of the adults that come around, okay? Or the groundhogs, whom I'll never be shut of. They come from the railroad tracks, make their rounds and go into their numerous burroughs. I've seen them on Main Street and Cleveland Street, so I am not alone. Hideous things.

Started clearing the brick walkway alongside the house. It runs from the front to the back. Years of dirt and grass made it invisible. The soil is moist enough to make it easy to clear but it is still hard on the back. Lord, I need a windfall just to get everything done. So why wasn't I doing things on the inside? It was warmer outside. 'Nuff said.

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