November 10, 2007

5 + 9 = 14

My brother has figured a new way to calculate your age. Just his way of making my advanced age more palatable. Actually, it is not the birthdays that bother me but the deterioration in my physical state. Knees hurting, shoulders hurting, every joint in my body aching and/or swelling. No one warned me that getting older brought pain. My apologies to my elders for not being more understanding.

Thanks to those who remembered my special day. SF flew in and threw a party, replete with a Happy Birthday sign and cards from him and pregnant Cindy. We drove back to the animal shelter to see what arrangements could be made for her. I'm like Hattie McDaniels in Gone With the Wind: "I don't know nothing 'bout birthing no babies." And am not trying to learn. Gee! Did they see me coming or what? No one was at the shelter but they've got plenty of beautiful animals for adoption. I don't mind keeping Cindy; it's the offspring that will be the problem. She has turned out to be an adorable little dog (with the exception of her presents which, thankfully, are not as frequent as before.)

There's virtually a heater in every room, thanks to SF. They ran nonstop and made the cold tolerable. However, circuit breakers kept tripping whenever two heat sources ran at the same time, although in separate rooms. I.e., the microwave cannot run with a heater on in the back and you can't iron with a heater on. Two nights hit the mid-30's but the days have been in the high 60's to 70's. Don't think he was prepared for having to wear a sweat suit to bed but I had gotten used to it. And, socks. Hopefully, a permanent source of heat will be in shortly but I suspect that the house will still be on the cool side. There is, however, a huge difference between cool and C O L D! Which is where we are right now. I'm leery of leaving a heater running while I'm at work but the prospect of coming in to a completely cold house may outweigh that fear.

The face of Serendipity will change somewhat--seems that a lot of the spindles that I want to keep on the banisters are too rotted to use. So she'll have modern railings. I won't be happy but it will look better than it does now. Oh, SF also transformed the "cheap motel room" into a decent-looking place. Still have to repaint that wall but I've more time than money.

I must, regretfully, rescind my invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at Serendipity. Turns out I'll be working that day and will not be available to entertain. I'm sure you will understand. Just remember me in your prayers when you sit down to eat. Doggie bags will be gratefully accepted.

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