November 14, 2007

Mange and Pups

Cindy has been off her feed for the past few days and causing a little concern but not much. Until this morning. Up and out; food and water. Nothing. No drinking water; no eating food. Hmmm. She comes in with a serious case of the shakes. Doesn't go wild over the dog treat as she usually does. Doesn't even eat it. Retreats under my bed. Oh. No. I've had experiences with dogs under beds and they never ended well. Good grief. I've got a sick dog on my hands. No money for a vet. Panic.

Locate the address for the local vet on Rte. 51 and off we go. Well, looky here! Perked right up. If she could talk, she probably would have said, "I'se a ridin'." Pull into the vet's office. The only occupants in the reception area are a huge, long-haired cat and a gentleman who remarked that she (Cindy) was mighty pregnant. He then started in on the symptoms, all of which she was exhibiting. Well, dang, what am I getting tied up into knots over? And she seems to be fine. Ignores the cat who, in turn, regally ignores her. The vet's not in today. But if I'm truly worried, drive to Dyersburg. Right. I'm driving home.

Off leash, she wanders all over the yard. Digs around the base of one tree. Not a digger, so what's up? Goes to the big magnolia in the front and repeats the process in the pile of leaves. Ah, she must be nesting. Decided against the leaves. Now she goes to the tree where the shutters have been propped all summer. Made short work of digging a hole large enough for her body and settles in. It's a good thing one of us knows what to do. Mother instinct seems to have kicked in with Cindy because Lord knows I don't know nothing about birthing nothing. Thankfully, it is warm. But major thunderstorms are called for and the temperature to drop in the 30's tonight. What on earth am I supposed to do? Let nature take its course. Put her water and food within reach. Settle in to wait.

So what about the mange, Missy? Have you looked at the back of O.J.'s head? This is not male-pattern baldness, folks. Big patches of hair have come out in the back. I swore that I was not going to follow this trial--I really am sick of him and his foolishness--but I happened to turn into CNN's coverage of the hearings, heard Alexander's testimony, and got trapped. Now, we all know he's going to jail--so be it--but I just want to know where does he get his lawyers and how does he pay for them? Where were they when I needed good representation? Alexander, accomplice/witness/friend, was slammed so hard until I felt the pain. A Realtor in real life. :) Running a porn/escort web service? With his ex-wife? Taking the pictures? Wanting to tape OJ for financial gain? (But he's a friend.) Trying to shake down OJ's friend for cash in return for lying on the witness stand? Please. And he had the nerve to apologize to his family and church family? Excommunicate him.

The other key witness/accomplice, the one supplying the guns, barely knew OJ. He went along as a favor to Alexander. And both claim that they were acting out of friendship--no financial gain--just trying to help him get his stuff. P L E A S E. Stupid and stupider.
What were they thinking? They didn't realize the seriousness of the event until they left the hotel room--is this cowboys and injuns? But more to the point, why are they getting a plea bargain when they were the ones with the guns? Send all of them to jail and get it over with.

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