December 20, 2007

Murphy's Law

"Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" seems to be the operating factor in my life at the moment. Where shall I start?

Let's start with the wrong parts. For everything. A downside to living in a small "city" is the lack of available sources for things that are needed. Everything must be obtained elsewhere--30 miles or more away. And, the stock on hand is limited. To complete the wiring in the kitchen, it must be run through conduits attached to the wall. Not what I wanted on the knotty pine but because of the brick behind the paneling, that is the solution.

The electrical supply store in Dyersburg assured the electrician that they had the molding needed in stock. I listened as he told them what he needed, the measurements, etc. So he made the trip and what happened? Not what he needed at all; the wrong size. Because they wouldn't get a shipment in time for him to complete the work this week, a call was made to Union City. That's on the other side of Dyersburg. Made the drive. Wrong size. I had really hoped that this would be done before Christmas. Not happening.

And the washing machine? Ordered the part from a store in Dyersburg. Took a week for it to come in. When he went to pick it up, they couldn't find it. Brought it by this morning and what happened? Wrong part. The panel is at least 6 inches too short. Give me a break. The Lord only knows when they will get the right part. In the meantime, trips to the raggedy laundromat are in order.

Thought you might enjoy reading about LeMoyne-Owen College, located in Memphis. LeMoyne-Owen College I don't think I had ever heard of it before moving here. They and Fisk University, located in Nashville, are having financial difficulties but the doors are still open. Make a contribution to the United Negro College Fund, why don't you?

The pups are well and in need of names. And a HOME! Cindy has been relegated to the garage, dog house and all, when I am not home. It makes me a happy camper.

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