December 23, 2007

Sartorial Splendor

The love of color is alive and well in the Mid-South. And like all well-dressed people everywhere, special attention is paid to coordinating outfits and accessories. I've seen outrageous plaids, blood-red outfits, and combinations of colors that would put the color wheel into a spin but nothing like what I saw last night. Men are no exception to the rule.

Black man, black suit with pink pin-stripes, and PINK leather shoes. You know I was hard-pressed to keep a straight face. Especially when I saw that the label on his sleeve was still in place. No, he didn't. Yes, he did. You couldn't tell this brother anything as he strolled through Wally World. He definitely beat out the man in the brown suit and bone, patent-leather shoes.

Lest you think the women are losing pace in the fashion world, check out the sister with the black stepping out outfit (she was a righteous, church-going woman), thick black stockings, and silver shoes. No she didn't. Yes, she did. Hooker boots are big with the young girls--you know the thigh-high numbers. Now some of the ladies wear them well--built like a brick house. Most of them don't. To make this work, the shoe needs to fit AND you need to know how to walk in them. Cheap shoes just don't work, ladies. Mukluks and anything resembling them need to be reserved for SNOW days.

Over-sized jackets advertising racing teams or other things are big items. Very pretty, very colorful, and an extreme waste of money. Why are they advertising Kellog's racing team (didn't know they had one) or some such? Walking billboards. One young man came through with a beautiful jacket bearing all of the NBA team logos. He would lose that in a heartbeat in the hood.

And the pants worn down around the ankles? Mid-thigh, with a belt. Will this fad never pass? I guess it is no longer a fad since its been around for a few years. A little boy, under 10, was walking with his parents and his pants fell down. His father asked where was his belt? Had to turn my head on that one, too.

Orange sneaks (of course, anything orange is in vogue in Tennessee), red sneaks, plaid sneaks, multi-colored sneaks. What happened to black, white, and combinations of the two?

Enough of the fashion commentary by the self-proclaimed fashion arbiter of Ripley, TN. The pups are well, growing, and getting fat. Big Boy is trying to worm his way into a permanent home; looks just like a teddy bear. They now know what the opening of the back door means. They look like a mini-herd as they race to freedom. Poor, long-suffering Cindy gets no food out of the dish. She must pick up the leavings from the ground. They throw their entire body into the dish, paws, you name it. Although I put another dish of food out for Cindy, she doesn't seem to understand that she won't get near her bowl.

Thought I'd put red bows on the pups and try to pawn them off on Wal-Mart's lot today but it is too cold for the kid and the pups this morning. They raced out of the door and raced back in within the blink of an eye. Maybe tomorrow.

Signing off from Serendipity.

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