December 24, 2007

My Christmas Wish

... is for you and yours to have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! May the love of Christ touch each one. To the Thornton family, peace and solace in His care. To Jayfoy and Gisela, healing is my prayer for you. Love and happiness to my son and daughter-in-law. A year of prosperity for everyone, especially me and my brother. Friends, relatives, and casual acquaintances, everlasting joy and good memories. Each of these wishes is doubled for SF. Too often the real meaning of Christmas is lost in the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, etc. I know that you will remember "the reason for the season."

Christmas in Tennessee, who would have ever thunk it? Surely not I. But here I am, in lovely Ripley, with Cindy (who has digested some wacky weed, I'm sure) and her pups. Two of which left the house this morning, one as a gift to a little girl whose puppy was struck by a car at Thanksgiving. I didn't expect them to take the other black puppy also. I am very happy to replace her pet and have scrounged up a red bow for all three so that they will look precious and adorable. Oops, couldn't part with Big Boy. I know he has to go but I tucked him away.

Just got a call from the family telling me how happy they are and did I have any more. They were just so cute in their red bows. One was too big for the smallest of the three. He walked right out of it. Big Boy didn't care for his but let it stay on lon enough for a photo. He is priceless. I told them I'd let them know by the end of the week. JB?

My cousin, Janice, sent an interesting article on the story behind 10 of the carols we sing religiously at this time of the year. Perhaps you'd enjoy reading it as well. 10 Top Carols. Neither of us is responsible for the spelling of Noel (Nowell in the article). Wonder if they need a proofreader?

Off to scrounge up some food. May each of you be blessed. Know that you are loved and missed.

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