December 24, 2007

They Are Mean to Me

I'm talking primarily about my good people at Wally World. It's Christmas Eve, a full moon, and all is supposed to be right with the world. I inquired, in November, about the procedure for being off at Christmas (didn't know the store closed for the day) and was told that the likelihood of receiving time off was slim next to none. I was just asking. The world knows that I would not be able to fly to D.C., or any other place, but I wanted to know how the process worked if I wanted to be off. Of course, the world also knows that if the possibility of getting away presented itself, I had just left.

My work schedule called for me to be off on Sunday (didn't you just love that Redskin win?) and to report today at 5 p.m., working until 11 p.m, and off on Tuesday because the store would be closed on Christmas Day. Fine. Strolled in leisurely, clocked in, and went to the floor. My young friend, Antonio, wanted to know where I had been. I told him I was due in at 5 p.m. "Why? The store closes at 6." You are lying to me. Turns out that people were called in; others advised that the posted schedule was incorrect and schedules changed accordingly. No one told the kid.

Happened to see the store manager who informed me that the schedule was screwed and "didn't you know that the store closed early?" Excuse me, if I had known would I have strolled in at 5 to work for an hour? This was going through my head as I contemplated beating him to death in the middle of the store. Don't even mention my supervisor who should have spotted it. She is another story.

The question has been asked and here's the answer: No, I didn't get the training coordinator position. And, no, no one has told me. The young man is in residence. Communication and, perhaps, good management skills are weak links in that store.

I have cried once since being here and that was when my brother left. I teared up at my son's email about being truly alone on Christmas. But tonight, I cried. I'll be better in the a.m. and will post my Christmas greetings. Pray for me.

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GailTravel said...

Oh Gwen I'm so sorry about your Christmas. That was awful what they did to you. I hope your New Years is better. 2008 is the year of fulfillment. It will be better for you. Your new life!
the pups look so cute in their bows. You blessed that little girl and made her day.

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