December 04, 2007

Small Steps

Heat! In the bedroom. Warm and toasty. Hallelujah! You can't begin to imagine how I felt last night to come into a warm room. The only warm room in the house but I am ecstatic! And slept very well, thank you. Hopefully, the other heaters will come in and I can get spot heat where needed, when needed. We've decided, the electrician and I, that the wiring in the kitchen is just a little more important than the other heaters at the moment; a decision I can live with on two fronts: 1) there is one source of reliable heat in place and 2) there's a definite short in the kitchen wiring. So, small steps but some progress.

The switch is definitely gone on the washing machine. So where do you get a switch around here? Checked with an appliance place in Dyersburg and they want to sell me the entire panel. What to do? Take a chance on just the switch being bad and order one? Or, buy the entire control panel? Geeeez!

Charged the batteries enough to get a few photos of the brood. One of the pix of a black pup wastoo blurred to use and the batteries died, again. You can probably figure out which one is "Big Boy" and "Runt". Suggestions for names would be appreciated. Presenting Miz Cindy and 4 of her 5 boys:

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Dina at said...

Oh my God. How cool are you?! These pics are too precious. Good luck with the heat and electricity situation.