December 03, 2007

Up On One Foot

...and down on another. From a high of 72 degrees on Sunday to a chilly 31 degrees this morning. But, the electrician showed up and was able to run a wire for the heater in my bedroom. You know, of course, that there were problems.

Let's start with the fact that the washer is not working. Why not? My supposition is that there is no electricity. Wrong. The electrician's meter reads too much electricity coming into the house. Oh. No. Call to the power company. Here comes Mr. Morris. His meter shows everything is working just fine. The electrician's meter is wrong and it's the washer. Do I really want to call Mr. Criner, again? After all, he just sent me a bill for checking out the dryer. I was too through. Seems that service call should have been chalked up to good will. Money is the color of good will. So, no washing machine. But back to the heaters.

We agree on a likely spot. Locate the studs, drill a hole for the wire, good to go, right? Wrong. He started to cut the hole for the heater can and ran into--BRICK. What? A brick wall? Behind what is thin paneling and dry wall? Get a grip. In retrospect, the house has so many additions until we should have realized that what we thought was an interior wall was, in actuality, an exterior wall. Now, what? Build an enclosure, that's what. Geez, does anything go right in this house? So, instead of the heater fitting snugly into the wall, I now have a protrusion into the room that needs some drywall, yada yada, to make it look complete. Giving thanks, however. It works and way better than the space heater. Thank you, Jesus. And, it is on its own breaker. No tripped circuits. Thank you. Of course, building the support, yada yada, took way longer than expected. No more work for the day. They'll be back tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Cindy is following me foot-to-foot. The pups are on their own. What's this? Big Boy has escaped again. Legs are much steadier than yesterday. He's made it all the way to the corner of the porch and is stymied; can't figure out where to go or how to get back to his warm home. Eyesight not fully focused, either. Cindy is stymied. He's toooo big and heavy for her to pick up and she can't nudge him back to their quarters. I picked him up and what a fuss he made. Back to his house with mama Cindy in close pursuit. Came around the corner a few minutes later and one of the black pups is out and nosing around. He was able to find his way back to the house and inside without my assistance. Smart kid.

The crowds are increasing at Wally World. We know that they will get worse (as will the thievery). Keep an eye out for the red microwaves that will soon be on the floor. $49. Small, but with all the features. Good deal!

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