December 02, 2007

Dropping Like Flies

The puppies are, that is. Falling out of the doghouse with loud thumps. At least, two of them have. I guess they were moving around inside and got too close to the opening. First, one of the black ones fell out and kicked up a stir. I waited to see what Cindy would do. Nothing. She is not concerned; her interest is whether she is going to get a treat from the kitchen. Not. While the black pup is scooting around (akin to crawling because they are not close to walking), out tumbled one of the tan ones--Big Boy--the largest of the lot. He didn't appreciate the fall or the fact that he couldn't maneuver around. Both were mewling. Cindy was not fazed; stepped over one and looked at the other as if to say, "Just what is your problem?" She checked them out after I petted and cooed over them. And, to think, I was actually worried about these critters not moving around. They are snuggled up next to each other (body warmth) and sleeping their heads off. They'll be all over the porch in a week or two and I won't be able to walk around. I heard you about the photos. The batteries are dead and on recharge. Be patient.

I've got blooms on bushes which I thought were dead. A google search tells me they're camellias. In DC, they bloom around February. What a nice surprise. No leaves, but red blooms. I am happy. Not a camellia planted in DC survived. Maybe next year, with a little care, these will be lush.

Someone told me to feed Cindy green beans, so I tried a spoonful to see what she would do. Scarfed them right up. This dog will eat anything. She's on semi-punishment. Hit me with another one of those gifts. I think she does it just to keep me on my toes. Goes days with no problem and then: this one's for you. Give me a break. Thankfully, I have 3 weeks to deal with the pups before they can be given away. I'm not trying to house train nothing.

Things are the same at Wally World. It's evident that people everywhere have mean ways and that parents need to take more control of their chil'ren. What happened to bedtime? These folks are rolling children in way after the time they should be in bed. No wonder they're whacked. Got to see the former girlfriend of the electrician's son. She works at Wally World and is very pretty. I confess I wasn't expecting her to look like that. What can I say? I expected someone looking very different.

The Enterprise offices and front are gaily decorated. I think I'll hold off the decorations this year, after all. We'll see. I have 23 days to make up my mind. No gifts this year, folks, sorry. The funds aren't there. Will they ever be? We can only pray.

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