November 28, 2007

Heat on the Horizon?

You know that it is cold when the dog sits in front of the heater. Actually, the days are warm--light jacket maybe--but the nights are in the 30's. I've done all I can for the brood, even placed a heater by the kitchen door but it is cold out there. Cindy came into my room and plopped in front of the heater, a mechanism that she has avoided at all costs.

Drove to Millington to pick up the heaters and found, as I went through Covington, that a Home Depot is now open. Oh, Happy Day! No more driving to Cordova; an hour away. Lowe's has stores in Millington, Brownsville, and Dyersburg. It's a sad state of affairs when you really take notice of the location of stores, driving time and mileage. Gas prices play a significant role in how far you're willing to go. Sure wish I could have purchased in the Millington area. It reminds me of the DC suburbs in terms of shopping. Couldn't afford it without having a job in hand and I don't mean Wally World.

C&C Supply, an electrical supply business, has the heaters I need. I get there and find that it is right next door to Cole's--as in Cole's in Ripley. Same owner, smaller store. C&C is also a part of that enterprise. Surprise, surprise. They only had 4 of the heaters that I needed. Fellow promised to call when the other 3 come in. I doubt it and will stay on top of them. Needless to say that when I called over a week ago,they had plenty. At least the bedrooms and my bath will be taken care of. Geez, this is becoming mission impossible.

I cut through Henning on the way back. What a pitiful town--founded in 1873--very economically-depressed and depressing. Mrs. Drain says that Ripley has expressed an interest in annexing it. I have two minds about that: 1) It would lose its historical presence (for what good that is doing the community) and 2) What is the benefit to either community? Might be a boon to the folks in Henning and a drain for Ripley. What do I know?

The purpose of the trip through Henning was to find the bar-b-que joint whose owners have practically outfitted with equipment from Wal-Mart. I can almost count them as dear friends. When they said it was a narrow store, they did not lie. But clean as a whistle. Beer is a top commodity. Got my plate to go. Promised to return for the fish on Friday. And what did the road sign say as I pulled back onto Rte. 209? Chicken George Trail. Get out! Have to keep reminding you that Henning is Alex Haley's home, right?

Cindy did cartwheels at the smell of the 'que. Wasn't bad but not what the taste buds were calling for either. Baked beans were great. Went back for the fish dinner on Friday, as promised. Wasted trip. The fish from the gas station is better-seasoned and the station is around the corner. I wouldn't be me if I didn't give suggestions--I should be a business consultant--had they considered doing fried turkeys for the holidays, catering? Hadn't thought about it. Sounds like they had the cash to pursue a dream of being self-employed but didn't give thought to the other products they could offer. In other words, no business or market plans. Not being critical because they are doing what they want and I'm going to Wally World.

Some of the pups' eyes have opened. They vary in size, one is way larger than the rest. I guess he gets more than his share of the milk. I have no idea of the next step in this process. I'll wait for Cindy to show me.

The training coordinator at Wally World left. You know that I put in for that position during my orientation period, right? Got interviewed the other night. Not a question about my skills or experience--a set of five or six questions along the lines of "give an example of your leadership" "give an example of your flexibility." Nothing about the tasks involved, whether full or part-time, what skills are needed (though you know I'm qualified), nada. I do know, from the initial interview, that the answers are numerically-scored according to a pre-set formula. I guess it all boils down to, as usual, who you know and who they want in the position. We're praying on it because the boxes are killing the kid. Not to mention that the salary could stand a boost. I've got bills to pay and repairs to be made.

That's your update and, no, the heaters have not been installed. That's another story.

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