November 27, 2007

Cindy Speaking

What a day around Serendipity! No rain so I could go outside and take my time. Check things out. Missy put on a pot of beans because something about the electricity being off for several hours. What's up with that? Of course, she doesn't tell me anything...just keeps me penned in with those chil'ren who are starting to work my nerves. I keep trying to get across that I need some time away but as soon as I get inside, she shoos me back out. But today I let it be known that I was not sitting in that house with those chil'ren. Call it Mother's Day Out. I stuck to Missy closer than glue. Of course, the fact that she was between the stove and the fridge might have had something to do with it.

Up comes all these men with ladders and trucks. I was cool, just checked them out to make sure they were okay. Well, one man goes on the roof and cuts the wires. Just took out this contraption, cut the wires, shook hands with the fellow with the pony tail, got in his truck and left. Then things started going off the truck into the house and things in the house (Missy said they were wires and cables) started going into another part of the house. I just trotted around and made sure I didn't get put back in with those whining chil'ren. Missy kept asking "What's wrong with your babies? Don't you want to check on your babies?" Give it a rest. The one time I went back to check on them, they were on me like white on rice. Please. I came out of there, dragging one of them with me. They'll learn that when I'm ready to go, they need to let go.

I had to introduce Missy to the publisher of the Enterprise, Mr. Ford. He just had a heart transplant. Guess that explained why he was walking around so slowly. Man, when he walked across his yard, I got all worked up and let him know that I was in da house. Sometimes you have to show folks that you aren't as easy-going as they think you are. Missy asked if he needed a typist, proof-reader, yada yada. He wasn't having it but did tell her a few things about Serendipity. I'll let her tell you about that later but those big coach lamps on the front porch? Came from some hearse. And those monuments out front? Hitching posts. Talking about some scavenging and history. He used to be the town historian. Promised Missy he'd tell her more later. She was drooling, folks. I'm serious.

Pony-tail's son came up and got him all worked up. Something about somebody grabbed and choked him and the police didn't arrest him. Pony-tail started threatening about doing bodily damage; Missy was running around "Not till you get the electricity done." Lawse-a-mercy. Turns out that the fellow that did the grabbing is the brother-in-law of the sheriff. No wonder he wasn't arrested.

Another truck pulled up and more men got up on the roof. Started reconnecting wires and yuck-yucking about the scene where Pony-tail's son got jacked up. The son used to go with this bozo's daughter and there are all kinds of problems. What happened to let the young folks handle their own affairs? That's what I intend to do with those strapping boys of mine. Yep, every last one of them is a boy. They're going to be a handsome set of offspring, if I must say so myself. Everybody wants to know who the father is. "None ya'" is my response. A traveling salesman, if you must know, and a handsome devil at that.

Well, Pony-tail and his son pulled off to get some things they needed to finish this part of the job. Right. They were gone a mighty long time. Missy and Jessie got worried. Missy cracked that they were up on Washington Street raising cain. Said if we went up on the square, we'd find the whole town up there. Oh, Jessie is playing the role of assistant--you know--gofer. Go fer this; go fer that. She's okay. Liked my babies. I let her hold them. Heard her tell Missy that she wanted runt. Nobody asked me whether or not I agreed.

While they waited on Pony-tail, Missy tried filling in some of those pesky groundhog holes. I did, too. Man, did I have a ball. Slipped out of Missy's sight and got into one of those holes. She was out there yelling and clapping her hands. Looked right foolish. I'm glad she was concerned though. I came back filthy. Yep, followed that hole over into the next yard and came back covered with gook. Of course, Ms. Nice-Nasty took the hose and doused me good. Said I was not only filthy but I stank.

Pony-tail and his child came back unscathed. Claimed they couldn't find what they needed. Probably couldn't find Bozo. He's working and they call to say he has to head to Dyersburg immediately. Something about his mother. Well, she's been real sick and all; just glad they didn't call while the power was off 'cause he was out of here. Said he'd be back on Thursday. I sure hope so 'cause she keeps talking about how cold it is. She should be out on the porch with us.

Well, Missy has put me back in with the chil'ren but I had a fantastic day stretching in the sun, trotting in and out. Even hid one of those hideous rawhide treats she gave me. I'm not telling where; she'll find it eventually. Talk to you soon.

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