November 24, 2007

The Frost is on the Pumpkin

Big time. I had to scrape the car's windows when I came out Friday night. Just a light dusting of ice--enough to ensure that you couldn't drive anywhere without clearing the windows first. An elderly coworker didn't have scraper the first so I helped her get her windows cleared enough to see. Did she drive off and leave me standing there cleaning my own car? Yes, she did, but no hard feelings. She wasn't thinking. I was certainly hoping for a more temperate weather down here but I understand that while it gets cold, snow and ice are not frequent and short-lived. Of course, that is before I moved here.

The electrician's mother is gravely ill and it is supposed to rain on Monday. Fortunately, thanks to SF, heaters are everywhere. Not running nonstop, however. But when the electricity is upgraded...full heat ahead. Lord, my feet are blocks of ice. Even under a million blankets. Thought about pulling out an old electric blanket but with my luck it would short and I'd be history.

Ripley and its residents are gearing up for Christmas. The square and several of its shops are sporting decorations. Lighted wreaths have been placed on the lamp posts coming up the street from Wally World. Starting to look real festive in this neck of the woods. A Christmas parade is on tap but for the life of me I can't understand why (other than the fact that the Tomato Festival kicks off immediately after) there is no parade, etc., for the 4th of July.

I'm pulling out my gazillion lights, etc., and testing them. Yes, ragged front and all, the place will sport lights. That is, if the electricity is completed. Maybe not lit like the airplane runway of days past but decorations are definitely in order. The front door will be finished. I promise.

I've sent my list to Santa. It's short: 1) flower bulbs 2) The Bible Experience, narrated by several Black actors and released last year 3) a home for the pups. They are growing like weeds, all except the runt, who may have Cindy's bone structure. Would like to keep it purely because of the markings. However, one dog is enough. You can tell which ones are getting the food. Oh, some of them have white feet. However, they all have to go. One is earmarked for Harrisburg. Any other takers? Free to a good home.

It is now Monday morning and raining. Rained all weekend, mixed with a little sleet. Miss Cindy doesn't like going out into the rain--I can understand that completely. Very p.o'd as she picks her way daintily across the yard. Have to send her back a few times to finish the exercise. She is not happy. She is congested and I tried to hook up a heater for her family. It ran for an hour or two and tripped the circuit. This heater must have a short because it trips everywhere I try it. Put a blanket over the house to make sure it stayed warm and wound up training a heater in the kitchen toward the porch. Lord, help me! I need to be concentrating on staying warm and I'm keeping dogs warm? I have lost my mind. If they were born outside, they would survive wouldn't they? Geez.

People have lost their minds down here. Something to give you a chuckle:

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