November 23, 2007

Gather Together

Folks were in Wally World when I hit the doors to clock in at 5 p.m. It's a holiday for Pete's sake! Why weren't they home watching the game (of course, Detroit lost as usual; the Dallas game was misery; I didn't mind leaving at half-time), taking a nap, going for second or third helpings? Isn't this supposed to be one of the days when you gather together with family and friends to enjoy their company? These folks brought their family and friends to Wal-Mart. Whole packs of them. Just roaming like herds of animals on the move. Some of them had been in the store that morning and came back for the evening shift. Fill out an employment application.

And they kept coming. "Are you closing tonight?" I seriously think some of them were trying to figure out where to hide in the store so that they could be first in line at 5 a.m. If everyone bought something while they were in the store, Wally made a nice little profit. Of course, they steal as much as they buy--pregnancy kits, earrings, anything from the health and beauty aisle that they can get out of the package. Alicia Keys' new cd took a hit. Found the case behind some pillows. Also tossed behind the pillows was a woman's wallet--one of those hold everything numbers--more like a mini-pocket book. I thought it was a handbag they had decided not to buy after all and ditched (like the yams, beans, yogurt, toys). Imagine my surprise to discover that it belonged to someone--cards, id, photos. Didn't check for any money. Hurried to the customer service desk to turn it in. I don't know the policy--whether they will call her or wait for her to call them. Also found a bunch of hangers behind some Christmas plates. You know they took the garments off of them and kept walking. Where was security?

The place finally started clearing out around 10 p.m. I guess the fact that none of the sale items were on display was the reason. Added 'not being on the morning shift' to my list of things to be thankful for. Mayhem unleashed.

Did I tell you that Ripley has its own little radio station? This is a thriving community. I do know it is not a large operation--am signal--because it is not listed in any of the city's literature. One of the reps who spoke with me about heating this place has a country music show in the morning. Leaves there and goes to his "real" job. Pays to be connected here. His wife is originally from Ripley; her parents owned a gas station in Henning. They lived in Memphis for a while and when she was appointed marketing manager for a hospital in Covington, they moved back. She is now the executive director for the Chamber of Commerce. His other "real" job is to write the permits for the city. Now, in talking to him, nowhere did I pick up on anything in his background which gave him that experience. I guess it is all in who you know.

This week's newspapers informed me that all dogs in the city limits must be on a leash and that their pens, etc., must be clean. Big fines for owners of vicious dogs (pit bulls, rottweilers, etc.). It was of particular notice since I haven't seen anything about the city's policy before. I started to take it personally (after all, Cindy had made her mad dash across the street) and then figured they must be talking to the owners of those huge mutts that have started hanging out over here. Guess they found out about the new chic in town. Move on fellas. I'm going to be worse than a teenage girl's father until she can get spayed.

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