January 03, 2008

Brace Yourself

Day two of the inauspicious start of the new year brought heat to the second bedroom. Isn't that wonderful news? Nice little cat-a-corner containment built and in place. Needs trim and paint. Not a pressing issue. It works! And that is all that is necessary for the time being.

Now for the tale of woe. After the electrician left, I turned on the hot water in the kitchen. NONE! That's right. Absolutely not a drop. Okaay. We've been through this. When the faucet was installed, we had to prime something to make the hot water flow. Now, how did we get to it? Can't remember but something tells me that it is more than just the lever in the faucet. Hmmm. Let's just check the outside faucet which the person doing the plumbing extended from the kitchen. You got it. Frozen. I'll be ******.

Not to worry. There are space heaters galore around here so just take one of the smaller ones and aim it at the pipe. Not working by the time I left for work. Too scared to leave it running while I'm gone so I turned it off. Now why is it that I am extremely comfortable leaving the wall heaters running but not the space heaters? But back to the subject.

Came in with doggie treats because the greedy brood's cupboard was bare. No water in the kitchen. Period. Go to the bathroom. NO WATER! OMG! This can't be happening to me. Ah, but it is, Missy. Nothing to do but go to bed and pray. Temperature had dropped to 14 degrees. Thank God for heat. Considered bringing the brood in to a warmer area but Big Boy is not trained.

Called Mr. Cannon this morning and asked about thawing the pipes. He was very gracious in not saying "I told you so." He had warned me that the person who did the water repairs did not: 1) attach the pipes to the bottom of the house but left them on the ground 2) did not dig deep enough for the pipe running from the water main to the house. Came out to do the electrical (we're installing heater #3--I hope) and took a look around. Pipe frozen from the water main to the house. Call to the water company to turn it off and they had problems. Wanted to know why the person installed the pipe the way he did. Who knows? Mr. Cannon offered to let me stay at his house until we can get the problem fixed. He is a nice person.

The temperature is supposed to warm up to the 60's by the weekend. But the work has to be done. Did I mention that I saw the person who did the work initially last night and mentioned that there was no water to the kitchen; that the pipe was frozen? His response was that we might have to insulate the pipes. You know how quickly I responded with why didn't he make that suggestion when he was doing the work? Aaargh! No more work for you, Mike Shaw. Especially now that I've learned you used the wrong pipe. Dear God, I can't sue cause he don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I understand that he has judgments up the ying yang. Of course, I didn't know that when he was hired.

Here's a shot of the "fireplace," in the living room, where that humongous, ugly monstrosity of a gas heater resided. Must have been used for a gas grate insert. The new heater will be installed there. Oh, you do know that by clicking on the photo, you can see a larger image, don't you?

This is day three of 2008. This is the third day of my inauspicious start to the new year. Pray for me.

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