January 05, 2008

I'm So Excited!

The house is toasty for the moment. Of course, that is because the bone-biting winds are in abeyance. Believe me, weatherproofing is a top priority before next winter sets in. The cold air finds every nook and cranny possible. Looking on the positive side, I've only got about 60 to 90 days of nasty weather to get past. In truth, there have been more mild days than bitter cold but the bitter days make you sit up and take notice. Particularly when you're already cold from the inside out. I swear that once your feet get cold, it is impossible to get warm. And, did I mention that they've cut back the heat at Wally World? The sistah can't even count on getting warm at work!

So why are you excited, Missy? Because Mr. Cannon did a fantastic job of installing the heaters in the fireplaces so that they are attractive and not an ugly feature. The enclosures need to be painted but I really like the way they were installed. Check out the living room and kitchen. And he was so right about installing the heavier heaters in those areas. The heat is lover-r-ly. Of course, there is always a fly in the ointment. The shop is out of these heaters, small and large, so we're in a waiting mode for the moment. The good thing is that they will go into the areas which can't be used (dining room and second bathroom)anyway.

Cindy has discovered the heater in the hallway (mini-foyer) and makes a beeline to that area when she can. She really is an intelligent dog. I guess she figures that she'd better soak up the heat while she can before being banished to the porch with her pesky offspring. She reminds you of Nipper, the dog in the old RCA commercial, except she's in front of the heater while it was in front of the stereo. Did they call it a stereo back then? Naw, I think it was a gramophone. She would be able to bask but her companion is not trained and if he even thought about going in that area...well, you can imagine the emotions that would arouse. Mr. Cannon wants to take Cindy to his house which might be a good deal for her because she would have land to roam on. Yes, she still takes her forays when you're distracted and it only takes a second for her to disappear. I'm studying it.

I am so thankful that the pipes are under the house and not in the house, proper. I would really be in a world of hurt. We're waiting for Miss Utility to mark the area for pipes and lines. Then the work of putting in pipes can begin. Talking about pioneer days! Sponge baths are for the birds. I will bask in a long, luxurious shower when this is over. Ripley will make a killing off of me for utilities this month. No question about it.

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