January 24, 2008

A Day Late...

and a dollar short, as usual. I've mentioned before that there are plenty of opportunities in this area for self-employment, given that you have the cash--something that is lacking at Seredipity. An example is cleaning carpet/furniture. Seems no one does it around here. You have to bring in people from Memphis or elsewhere. Computer repair is another. A shop opened on the square shortly after I moved here. SF blew in with a cold wind and the laptop malfunctioned. Walked up to the shop and found that it closed sometime this month. Now, did I take a few classes YEARS ago at the community college? Don't remember too much and certainly not enough to start a business. Major opportunity lost.

Speaking of cold wind, major plastic has been installed over a doorway adjoining the main bedroom so just where is this terrific draft coming from? The floor, of all places. Close inspection showed that the flooring needed caulking around the quarter round and that the individual boards were letting in major amounts of air. That explains why my feet are constantly in a frozen state. So, we managed to get two matching area rugs and that cut down on the draft immediately. It's a temporary fix. The rugs are lost in the room so a larger rug is needed. My spring and winter months will be spent caulking, patching, weatherizing.

The cold wind also prompted concern for the brood. Hooked the heater up again and it is running now--temperature tonight will be in the low teens. I can't believe that I am heating a space specifically for DOGS! Of course, Big Boy proved that he can't be trusted. I put them in the spare bath Saturday night and he found every square inch of floor that was not covered with newspaper. Particularly behind the toilet. Yuck. He had not been invited into the house prior to SF's arrival. Performed his initiation ritual everywhere he went. Always before we noticed what he was up to. I should take out stock in a paper towel company. I must admit that he looks sheepish when you reprimand him. And, he's learned to sit on command. Not for long, mind you, but he does know what it means. Now, if he would learn "come" and "stop," there would be some hope for him.

Went back to work last night expecting to get off at 10 p.m. NOT! Schedule called for 11 p.m., in men's wear--BORING! Totally unprepared. No lunch, no snack, nothing to read. Back to men's wear tonight for the same amount of time. I'll be ready but there's nothing I can do about the boredom. I'd much rather bust boxes or work in the women's section. At least, I can be enthused.

Also sent off more resumes. Keeping the fingers crossed. Pray for me.

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