January 25, 2008

The In-Crowd

Wally World is having a tremendous, unadvertised, clearance sale with great buys. If you're lucky to catch them. If you can beat out the ones who change the prices and then grab up the best of the best. Talking about the better bedding sets ($25), blenders, coffee makers, crock pots ($10), 5x7 rugs ($20-25), vacuum cleaners ($11), dishes, glasses, pots and pans ($7), and so on. If you are a part of the in-crowd. Loaded carts being wheeled out; friends being called. Regular customers needed to camp out/in to cash in on the savings. The rest of the staff--sol. Take what's left and the pickings were slim.

Just a little resentment towards the in-crowd. Mutterings about loading the cart and walking with it all day until time to clock out. Secreting items. Not a happy group. Now, just before Christmas, several red microwaves came in and some staff members wanted to purchase them before they hit the floor. The response was that it would be unfair to the customers. They would have to wait until they were brought from the back. Hmmm. Is there a difference with the clearance items?

It is now 18 degrees. The heater is going full blast on the porch. To warm Big Boy. Cindy did a walk-about, returned, and refused to come in. I'm going to check for her one more time and then it is lights out. What I can't understand is why she didn't walk-about when SF let her out. Why me? Is it a female thing?

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