January 12, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

A Kodak moment. Mother and son silhouetted on the slight hill behind me. Not in my yard, mind you, but across the street by the water plant. That's right. Mother took son exploring since, evidently, my short walk with them this morning was insufficient. Talking about ungrateful.

I released Cindy at the driveway and they frolicked and gamboled their way up into the yard behind me. When I reached the doorway and looked back, no dogs. Now Cindy will cut behind the garage/barn/shed but Big Boy usually waddles/runs his short legs straight down the walkway. Not this time. Where on earth can they be? Not too worried about Cindy (alright I'm worried) but Big Boy? He has no concept of anything. He's protected. His world consists of learning to leap, run, beg, and scratch at the door. Visions of smattered puppy.

Well, looky here. Is that Cindy in the field across the street? Darn tooting. And the little, broad-chested shadow--could that be Big Boy? Sure enough. Cindy sped down the hill, when I called, with Big Boy doing somersaults behind her. Give her credit, though, she waited to make sure he regained his footing and was behind her. Chased him up the driveway and into the house. They were like children coming in from recess. Excited! And...looking for treats.

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