January 10, 2008

Here We Go Again

Mainstream media glossing over "inappropriate" remarks. "Taken out of context." "No ill intent" or harm meant. What on earth are you talking about, Missy? Surely you've heard about the comment made about Tiger Woods by The Golf Channel's anchor during a recent event? The one where she suggested other players "lynch him in a back alley." I was dozing when I heard it and couldn't believe that I heard correctly but then the piece was repeated when I was wide awake. And now people are upset because Rev. Al has spoken out, again. Why? Lynchings, nooses, cross burnings are not laughing matters nor to be taken lightly. Where are the rest of my Black "leaders" and why aren't they on point with these issues? Why is Rev. Sharpton the only one to step to the plate? If she had mentioned the holocaust or Hitler, the Jewish community would have her head. Witness the reaction to Will Smith's statement a few weeks ago. The consequences for the remark? A slap on the wrist. Suspension for two weeks. What can I say? Sensitivity training? A joke. Enough of my rant.

The tornadoes hitting the area on Tuesday did touch down in Lauderdale County, where I have the pleasure of residing. Destroyed 4 homes. I'll have to wait for the weekly newspapers to get the details of exactly where it hit. Man, I can't get used to not having news about your community immediately. Living in a large city certainly spoils you. While I feel for those people, I am extremely thankful that it missed Serendipity.

And what's happening at Wally World? I'm now doing time a few days a week in the men's department. BORING. How much patting and folding can you do? Obviously I'm bored because I volunteered to spell the greeters so they could take a break. Sheez. But I might get bounced from this task because "Miss Take Charge" changed the tie on a display. Come on, people! Gray pinstripe suit, wine-colored shirt, and silver tie just screamed at me. Hurt my eyes and my ears. I did mention that they are colorful down here, didn't I? Found a more "tasteful" tie and swapped it out. Did you know that they have zipper ties? I didn't either but was glad to find one. Can you believe that I don't know how to tie a tie after all these years and one son? To my male supporters---lessons are needed. I would love to be a fly on the wall when that change is spotted. Can't you just hear it?

Water has been restored temporarily. The final markings were made yesterday after one irate call early in the a.m. Naturally, the trencher was not available so the line from the water main to the house couldn't be made. They redid the pipes under the house. Back to waiting. We're undergoing a major downpour as I type but no tornadoes in the forecast. When the water was turned on, the pipe to the washing machine snapped just as though it were the wishbone from the turkey. Lawd a mercy. Took a long shower but this stint made me realize exactly how much water we waste in the course of a day. Going to try and conserve a bit more.

Cindy has made the decision for me. Mr. Cameron wanted to take her yesterday but I just couldn't let go. When I came in last night, she darted out the door, did what dogs do, and kept going. Just ignored the calling and clapping. Through the hole in the fence between my house and the newspaper and off she went. Up by the post office and parts unknown. Showed up about 20 minutes later but wouldn't come in. Back off again. I've already said that I don't chase animals so she spent the night outside. On the stoop this morning, wet and bedraggled. I've made the call to Cannon to pick her up at his convenience. What an experience she has given me in these four months.


GailTravel said...

Apparently girlfriend has been suspended for the next 2 weeks.

I wonder if this was a wake up call to Tiger as to what America views his identity is?

GailTravel said...

Oh pooh! I'm going to miss Cindy! Where is Big Boy?