January 08, 2008

Scared Spitless!

Talking about a false sense of security! We've had beautiful, warm temperatures for the past few days, bringing forth thoughts of Spring, birds, flowering trees, yada yada. Today was in the low 70's with some showers and a call for thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening. R I G H T!!! By 1:30 p.m, they were issuing tornado advisories. I can live with severe thunderstorms but a TORNADO?

Good grief. Screen shots of roofs being removed by the strong winds, hail, flooded streets, only fed the panic. Then the siren went off, just about the time the tv was telling us to find a safe place. SAFE PLACE? I don't have a basement. Stay away from the windows, I'm told. Holy moley! Serendipity has a thousand windows, everywhere, even if they don't open. Okay. Calm down. Which of the closets will house you and the brood? Now there's a plan. But what about the brood? They have fleas. I don't want to share a closet with them. And, I'll need paper for both of them because Big Boy just goes and Cindy just might, when frightened. Good grief!

The advisory was supposed to expire at 3:00 p.m. Then the sirens went off, again, at 3:00 p.m. What!!! A new advisory is in place for Halls, Edith, Dyersburg. Get out of here! Halls is right next door. Not even 9 miles away. A roar brought me to my feet, ready to spring into action. More panic. Oh, Lord! What have I done? Is it the train? Didn't I hear that tornadoes make a noise like a train? Haven't they been known to veer from the expected path? Thunder? Turned out to be serious thunder.

Visions of my roof being torn off (hell, they didn't do it right anyway--what's to say it will stay in place?); the mighty magnolias falling into the house (and we won't mention the humongous pecan tree); glass flying everywhere. And here I am with no support system. Everybody I know is a million miles away. Oh, my Lord!

Talking about some serious praying. But they say the Lord looks after fools and babies. He spared the fool one more time. Thank you, Jesus, from the very bottom of my heart.

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