January 07, 2008

No Surprises Here

Why, whatever are you talking about, Missy? The fact that it is day 7 of the "frozen pipe" scenario. But surely the ground has thawed with the high temperatures? Oh, I managed to get a trickle out of the pipe yesterday but we've turned the water off at the main in anticipation of making the replacement. So what is the hold-up? Miss Utility or whatever they call it down here is the hold-up. Markings are incomplete. They marked the main gas line which, coincidentally, goes right through the middle of one of the huge magnolias in the front, but neglected to do the electric and phone lines. Needless to say, if we dig without the markings, I'll be without both; hence, the waiting mode. They haven't shown, so the probability of plumbing today is becoming an impossibility. Thought I'd lugged my last jug of water last night. N O T! Promises were made this morning to be here by 10:30 a.m. but you and I both knew that would not happen. Adding to the high level of anxiety is the forecast of tornadoes for this area until 6 p.m. Ooh boy!

Betcha didn't know that Memphis has a pyramid. Yep, 32 stories high. Its future is currently under fierce dispute by the city government and developers. Right now, it is a sports arena but it seems to be a kind of white elephant, except that it is black. Why, you probably ask, does the city have a pyramid? Seems that Tennessee has a love of things classical. Note the names of cities in the state: Carthage, Memphis, Sparta, Corinth, Athens. So, it only makes sense that Memphis, named after the ancient capital of Egypt, should have a pyramid.

PBS ran a very good documentary on Andrew Jackson who is revered in this state. You remember him? The seventh president of the U.S.? Old Hickory? Quite a story and very informative. Didn't realize, forgot, or didn't care that he was in charge of the Battle of New Orleans. Wonder if he could be elected today? He carried a hell of a lot of baggage. Think I'll take a drive to his home, The Hermitage, one of these days. Since it is located up near Nashville, three hours from here, it will have to be a planned excursion.

What's up with the brood, you say? Cindy is working on her message to you. She is still the concerned mother but Big Boy is becoming a playmate as well. He is still greedy and hogs the food dish. Whatever Cindy gets, he wants as well. She, on the other hand, will take his doggie treat because he is not as quick as she is. Even goes so far as to snatch it from his paws. Then he looks so pitiful.

The puppy training pads were promptly dismantled. Cotton and plastic everywhere. And he'll shred anything he can get his fat paws on. It's just like having a toddler in the house. Bought a little pack of toys which are of no interest to Cindy until he starts playing with them. Then it becomes a game of keep-away. They are cute to watch. Big Boy tries hard to keep up with his mom but he can't quite stand on his hind legs to beg the way she does. He falls over. Can't see him in the dark. A mere shadow. Looks like a large rat or my favorite guest, a groundhog.

I can't close without saying how disappointed I am that my favorite head HOG, Joe Gibbs, is calling it a day. But it has been a rough year and they just didn't seem to have what it took to be a Joe Gibbs team. Was it Jimmy Durante who used to close with "Thanks for the memories?" Happy Trails to you.

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